Further Interview Bits with Daniel Bryan

Adelaide’s Advertiser put up an interview with Daniel Bryan recently to advertise the WWE show on Monday night.


Interestingly enough, he was the only WWE superstar that was given any time in the local media, which I think indicates how much faith the powers-that-be have put in him.


The article outlines a brief overview of his history and his personal life, with a few choice comments from the man himself.


On Audiences:

“It’s always nice to see a new crowd because not everybody reacts the same way. Despite what other superstars will tell you, Melbourne is different to Sydney which is different from Brisbane, so I’m interested to see what the crowd in Adelaide is really like. Hopefully they don’t just sit on their hands.”

(Note: they didn’t. A sell-out crowd was loud and appreciative. This is the same city where a local indy worker trying to big-note himself fell to a piece of CM Punk abuse which got Punk in trouble. Some of our local indy workers are morons.)


On the ‘Yes’ chant:

“The chant really helps me connect with the kids. I have never found it difficult to get popular with adult fans because they appreciate what I do in the ring.”


On his current storyline:

“That’s actually a very realistic story because this company doesn’t want guys like me as champion… My character doesn’t fit the company’s standard and his struggle helps the fans to engage with me.”


On Reality TV:

“The reality TV people are even more image conscious than WWE…they’ve told my girlfriend I could be some sort of heart throb if I would just trim my beard. But I’m a slave to my whims… I grew the beard just because I decided to stop shaving and to hide the fact I was growing my hair long… That’s a long-winded way of saying it feels very weird to be part of a reality TV show which I’ve always thought was just an excuse to make cheap programs without having to pay for re-runs.”



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