American League Baseball Teams as Professional Wrestlers? Yes! Yes! Yes! (John Cena, The Miz, ACH)

SB Nation posted an awesome feature story assigning wrestling personalities to Major League Baseball teams who play in the American League. Below are some highlights, and you can click here for the full article that is well worth the read:

“The Boston Red Sox are John Cena

No one over the age of 12 wants to admit it, but John Cena is absolutely outstanding at what he does. The problem is that everyone is sick of him. They’re sick of his dumb shirts, they’re sick of his Sincere Serious Voice, they’re sick of him constantly Beating the Odds and they’re sick of him in general. That’s the Red Sox. They’re terrific this year — again — after an epic collapse and a lost year. They used to be America’s darlings until they won a pair of World Series and the country got exposed to Red Sox Nation. Wait a minute … Red Sox Nation … the “Cenation” … MY GOD IT ALL MAKES SENSE.”

“The Minnesota Twins are The Miz


“The Oakland Athletics are ACH

I know; you’ve never heard of ACH. You should maybe watch this:

If you want more after that, watch this.

ACH is an amazing pro wrestler who is out there killing himself in front of 15 people in a rec hall in a ring that looks like it has linoleum for a mat. But he’s not going to stop; he’s just going to keep being great at what he does. And the people who DO show up love him to death and realize they’re watching something special. So you can see how there might be SOME parallels. Just throwing it out there.”

For the full story, including comparisons to Daniel Bryan and The Undertaker, click here.

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Source: SB Nation