10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 8.9.13 (Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Rob Van Dam, Brock Lesnar)

1. Randy Orton against Rob Van Dam is a nice one-off type of match these days but I can’t say it enough how important it is for RVD to help establish at least TWO different mid card guys in the WWE to make his return worth any praise. Sure the nostalgic pop is nice but RVD isn’t The Rock; he needs to make sure his feuds against mid carders mean something. A nice match between these two future Hall of Famers and even though the finish was cliché it was executed very nice and went over quite well.

2. The Miz has really secured his future with the WWE moving to a host/journalist role. I’m sure his days in the ring aren’t over but while the mid card continues to be in disarray it’s better to have a role than not. Heading into Summerslam the only person who will probably gain the most out of the mix tag team match will be AJ Lee. Dolph Ziggler continues to do his best in whatever crappy role the WWE puts him in. One day, sigh, it might pay off.

3. Kofi Kingston had all that time while he was out injured to freshen up his character so he could stand out once he returned. The best thing he or the WWE could come up with was giving him full pants ring gear. Kingston has never really done anything for me other than his spots at the last two Royal Rumbles. Now is the time to give Fandango a full on feud with another mid card guy. Fandango and Kingston could put on some great matches to distract us all from the reasons, or lack there of these two are even feuding to begin with.

4. How much of a character advancement/ really creepy couple of weeks if Wade Barrett was able to shave Daniel Bryan’s beard and wear it as if it was his own? You think The Wyatt Family was crazy, imagine a few weeks of that. If Bryan happens to win the WWE Title this Sunday at Summerslam and somehow manages to keep it away from Randy Orton’s fingers a feud between Bryan and Wade Barrett may just be exactly what Barrett’s character has needed all along; not a new theme song every few weeks.

5. I for one really hope the WWE continues this feud between Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes past Summerslam. I have to believe there is a lot more money, comedy and great storytelling between these two former tag team partners. A prolonged feud with Rhodes could help prolong the spotlight for Sandow. A quick feud and an even quicker World Heavyweight Title reign surely will be the beginning of the end to the Savior of the Masses.

6. Once Kane’s career is all said and done I will be one of the first to buy his book. He has gone from every extreme to the other during his tenure with the WWE. After his breakup with from his babyface comedic tag team Kane can and did turn right back into the monster that he can be. Heading into Summerslam Kane needs to be on a role so Bray Wyatt’s win over him at Summerslam will really hit home.

7. Say what you want about Brock Lesnar’s ability to cut a promo but adding touches of real life to his promo really helped Lesnar convey fear in CM Punk’s fans. I have never seen this type of believability from Lesnar. If the WWE booked the entire Summerslam card as well as they have with this feud they could charge $100 bucks and people would still tune in.

8. I know I have touched on this subject a few times before but I still can’t over the WWE putting Alberto Del Rio with Christian. No disrespect towards Christian but Alberto Del Rio’s character is in such a vulnerable place that a win over Christian won’t do the justice that a win over RVD or even the Big Show would have. There is a lot of money to be made with Del Rio’s character, it’s just a shame the WWE doesn’t see it.

9. Once Summerslam is all said and done and the only thing the ‘WWE Universe’ is talking about is how Triple H or Vince McMahon was involved with the John Cena/Daniel Bryan match don’t say I didn’t warn you. The mid card was starting to finally be taken seriously but we are just a few days away from Summerslam and there are still a lot of questions for guys in the back. Will catering’s line wrap around the Staples Center? I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

10. Once again, Smackdown does a great job of helping sell the mid card of Summerslam but where are the matches for Curtis Axel or even Dean Ambrose? Sure The Shield will probably have a match but I think the WWE is missing out on not continuing to feature Dean Ambrose. We are just six days away from the biggest night of the summer for the WWE so until next week guys, leave a comment, tell a friend, listen to the latest HTCWrestling Pulsecast here or on iTunes, follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and let’s talk rasslin!


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