TNA Impact Hardcore Justice Aug 15 2013 – A Random Number Of Thoughts!

1) Didn’t we just have a One Night Only Hardcore Justice? Is all of TNA’s justice hardcore now?


2) I love that we open straight away with a match. And it’s the ladder match! Austin Aries v Kazarian v AJ Styles v Jeff Hardy.


3) Great, fast-paced opening match. All four men looked motivated.


4) Kazarian’s slingshot DDT is a thing of beauty.


5) The four-way collision before the break was well-timed.


6) Back and it just does not let up! Some innovative work from all four guys.


7) The Roode and Daniels stuff (Roode/Daniels/Kazarian yet another new faction… goody. Factions = Money) I felt dropped the match down and ruined the ending.


8) Kazarian wins and gets 20 points. 7/10


9) What in the f**k is with the AJ Styles booking?!


10) Sabin cuts a nice, intense promo.


11) Dixie Carter actually says that Kurt Angle is in rehab. I personally think that’s a good move – don’t hide anything in this day and age.


12) Main Event Mafia are in the ring, Aces and Eights come out and we have duelling microphones at twenty paces. It all ends with A&8 beating down on MEM. nWo v WCW 2.0…


13) Gail Kim v Mickie James v ODB – Hardcore Knockouts match. Sounds intriguing.


14) It isn’t. With these three it should have been better than what it was, a standard three-way (with admittedly better moves than any WWE divas have shown us in too long) with occasional bursts of weapon usage.


15) ODB wins with the Bam on a chair on Gail Kim. Yeah, this was a match. 5/10


16) MEM talk, and Sting offers Austin Aries Angle’s spot. (Not his dog Spot, his ‘spot’.)


17) Some hand-held cam stuff. Roode’s happy with his new friends, Aries said no, and Rampage is going to call some-one out to help MEM.


18) Bully Ray on the phone to Brooke? Why won’t they let that die?


19) Rampage invites Tito Ortiz to join MEM. He accepts. Can anyone NOT see what is going to happen with this? Seriously? Especially when Bully Ray comes out and stirs up sh*t.


20) 4-way tables match for 20 points next: Anderson v Magnus v Samoa Joe v Bobby Roode. Well, 3 out of 4 are good in the ring.


21) Man, Anderson can’t even run the ropes properly any more? Seriously?


22) Apart from the aforementioned WFKAMK, the other three are doing some not too nad stuff, but the table stipulation is actually hindering this match’s flow.


23) Samoa Joe bell-ringing hammer to the testicular region of Roode was a highlight.


24) Ending picks up markedly. And then Kazarian and Daniels run in and Roode powerbombs Magnus through the table for the win. 6.5/10


25) Sting talks about Tito. Can I just say the backstage stuff on this episode of TNA is better than most backstage WWE stuff? It does not come across as anywhere near as staged or stilted or stiff. And it does not outstay its welcome for the most part.


26) Anderson and Bully Ray have ‘words’ backstage. Dissension! Everything I just said? I take it back for this bit.


27) TNA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match – Bully Ray v Chris Sabin (c). Sabin’s been a placeholder champ, clearly, and because Bully Ray won’t get any more chances for the title if he loses, if you can’t see the ending, then you haven’t been watching wrestling for all that long.


28) Actually not all that intense, especially for a cage match. It really felt like an extended squash, with a few hope spots, but it was not an exciting match.


29) That looked like a botch in the corner. Of course. In a title match.


30) A ref bump. In a cage match. Aces and 8s come out, Jackson and Ortiz come out, Ortiz hits Jackson with some metal thing, Bully Ray wins. Overbooked much? 5.5/10


31) And it all started so well… Average match rating 6/10.


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