WWE Smackdown Spoilers for Friday 08.23.2013 – Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton Continue Feuding, as do Alberto Del Rio and Christian

WWE SummerSlam fallout continues with SmackDown this Friday 8/23/13. Check out the full spoilers and results below:

Vickie Guerrero introduces Randy Orton as the new WWE Champion. No McMahons on SmackDown this week, but Orton reaffirms he is the face of the WWE. Daniel Bryan interrupts to a huge reaction, as always. Bryan tells Orton he has everything handed to him because of his father, and then says Randy is so pretty he wants to kick him in the face. Yes! chants erupt, but Orton says not tonight and goes for an RKO. Bryan drop kicks Orton out of the ring to finish the opening segment.

Backstage, Vickie books Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett in a steel cage match as tonight’s main event.

Curtis Axel def. Cody Rhodes — afterwards Paul Heyman trash talks CM Punk and makes a challenge to Punk for him to face Axel on Raw.

Dolph Ziggler def. Big E Langston

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian — afterwards Del Rio says he is a Hispanic Hero and calls everyone peasants. Ricardo Rodriguez interrupts, talks back to Del Rio and introduces RVD again. Christian takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Del Rio, then RVD nails Rolling Thunder to close the segment.

Big Show and Mark Henry def. 3MB — The Shield, from an undisclosed location, say they don’t respect Show and Henry.

Darren Young def. Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett in the steel cage, nailing the Running Knee to secure the pin. After Bryan celebrates, Randy Orton comes out from under the ring and RKO’s Bryan, then raises the WWE Championship as be stands over Bryan.


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Source: The Wrestling Observer