Update On AJ Styles & Other TNA Stars Contract Status

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There’s been a lot of chatter over the last few days about AJ Styles’ expiring contract next month. The situation behind this extends to more than just Styles though.

With Impact being taken on the road, TNA has experienced a drastic change in their finances and where certain funds may be allocated. We’ve already seen the release of Matt Morgan, Devon & Luke Gallows as well as the departure of Brooke Hogan & now SoCal Val. Ken Anderson is another name that keeps popping up as his contract expires soon and there’s internal discussion as to how the company should be directed for the future.

While it does seem odd that TNA would even consider parting ways with Styles, there’s a very strong movement backstage to focus the company on younger (& cheaper) talent and attempt to expand their brand nationwide without the overhead of large contracts for “older” talent.

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