Changes Set for TNA’s Bound For Glory Series

According to TNA’s website, this week’s Impact is going to feature the final matches in the Bound For Glory series in what is being billed as a “must-win” situation.

In addition, Figure 4 Weekly Online has pointed out that this most likely means they have run out of time to ensure everyone gets the required 11 matches, with number of matches varying between 4 and 6 at this stage.


My 2 cents: Sorry, TNA have been doing this for how long? This series is one they have had years to perfect and they’ve
Yes, they’re rooted (Australian vernacular…) and now they have to change things? Does this mean they’ve not come to deals with people involved in the series, and so have to rush it before these people take their contracts and go elsewhere?

I have a feeling, though, the only people WWE would be interested in would be Sting, Kurt Angle (if sober), and maybe AJ Styles (only because they’ve expressed interest before). Maybe, being a veteran, Christian (Cage) would have put a good word in for some of his mates over there, but, really…

I hope this is just a glitch, I really do, but the whole thing has the horrid stench of Freeman Ranch.

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