Eclipsed by Trinity War Spoilers: Cliffhangers for Catwoman #23 and Supergirl #23 Are Huge (Villains Month Prelude)

While much of the recent attention at DC Comics New 52 has been focused on the Trinity War finale in Justice League #23, its huge spoilers, and the lead into Forever Evil, three other DC books may be have gone under the radar. These books have nothing to do with Trinity War, but will have offerings as part of the Villains Month one-shots. One of those books is Flash #23 and its huge reveal of the identity of the Reverse Flash. The other two books are Catwoman #23 and Supergirl #23 with equally huge revelations below.

Spoilers follow for Catwoman #23 and Supergirl #23. You have been warned.

Catwoman #23 & Joker’s Daughter

This week’s Catwoman #23 ends on a cliffhanger with the first appearance and on-panel debut of a villainess calling herself the Joker’s Daughter. Who is she? And how did she get Joker’s, um, flesh face mask? Looks like we may find out in the Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter one-shot in Villains Month. A first look of that issue, shipping September 25th, is here.

Catwoman #23 has been selling over $10 on eBay with a few varying prices still on sale. Also, some shops today got wise to the importance of this issue and limited purchases to just two per customer.

Supergirl #23 & Cyborg Superman

Also, last week’s Supergirl #23 ended on a cliffhanger that revealed the identity of the DC New 52’s all new and all-different Cyborg Superman. He is Zor-el, Kara / Supergirl’s Father and Kal-el / Superman’s Uncle. We may know more about how this all happened in next week’s Villains Month’s Action Comics #23.1 Cyborg Superman one-shot. Not a surprise that Brainiac will be involved. A first look of that issue is here.

Unlike Catwoman #23, the issue of Supergirl #23 is still, as of this writing, reasonably priced on eBay.

Big things popping outside of Trinity War and Forever Evil for DC Comics.

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