NXT Yellow Ropes Report 8.29.13 (Neville, Zayn, Dallas, Amore, Emma)

The Glimpse:

The NXT Tag Team scene heats up.  Emma puts her title aspirations on the back burner.  Tyler Breeze pretties up the NXT arena and Enzo Amore tells us all why he’s got “zero dimes”.

The Action:

Rick Victor tells Corey Graves that he has grown tired of waiting.  The Ascension will rise.  Conor O’Brian attacks from behind and pummels Graves.  O’Brian drops a piece of the set on him and tells him to “stay down”.  Victor stands over him, Graves’ own NXT Tag Title belt in hand.

Match 1: CJ Parker vs Tyler Breeze

Winner:  Tyler Breeze via pinfall

Daizee Haze makes her return to…I mean it’s CJ Parker.  The crowd sits completely still for his entrance.  Bad sign.  This one is an honest comparison of one goofy gimmick getting people behind it and another getting NO reaction.

Breeze takes stern faced selfies while Parker sort of dances about.  Parker gets a “No” chant from the crowd.  “Breeze is gorgeous” is next, as Breeze demands Parker stay away from the selfie-filled phone.  Breeze bails to the floor to avoid a kick to the face and demands his face be left alone.  Parker falls for the oldest trick ever and slides into a bevy of forearms.  Breeze tosses him to the turnbuckle and drops a knee for one.  Breeze takes a happier selfie and goes back to Parker who busts out an airplane spin to “turn and burn” then drops Breeze forward and lands a senton.  Parker hits shotgun knees in the corner and Breeze ducks the face strike.  Parker tries to pull Breeze out of the corner by his tights and ends up getting bopped in the face by Breeze and his phone for the quick 3 count.

Renee young welcomes Emma, who dances into the scene.  Emma reiterates that her rivalry with Summer Rae is personal.  Her impending title match will wait until after business is settled with Summer.  After she wins, she’s going to play “Dance Dance Emmalution.”  That’s not important, but I felt it entirely necessary to point out that she actually said that.  WWE…make the app.  I’d tap circles to Emma’s entrance theme!  Renee gets high fived by the Emma dance.  People would pay to stand on line and do that.  Emma is a money printing machine.

Match 2: Emma vs Summer Rae

Winner: Emma via submission

Emma gets a double leg and wants the Emmalock, but Summer crawls away.  Summer hits her stupid guillotine roll through cat fight spot, but Emma flips her over.  Emma throws Summer to the mat and poses, then tries to cover and gets a two.  Emma with more slams of Summer’s head.  A stomp and another two count for the Aussie.  Summer gets thrown to the turnbuckle and wants the Dil-Emma, but Summer escapes and it’s her turn to throw Emma to the mat.  Summer wraps Emma’s arm in the ropes with a hammerlock, then mocks her dance and splashes her arm.  Emma kicks out at one.  Summer goes back to the arm and Emma kicks her away, but ends up getting choked in the corner by Summer’s boot.  Emma gets snapmared, then Summer Rae puts her in a Lotus Lock.  Emma tries to bridge back for a pinfall but Summer stops it, then tries a pin of her own that Emma kicks out of.  Summer rushes Emma in the corner and walks right into the Dil-Emma.  Emma dives in for a low cross body, but Summer kicks out emphatically at one.  Emma rolls Summer through with a slingshot, right into the Emmalock for the win.

Emma dances and Summer shoves her to the floor for a rough landing, then pours Emma’s bubble solution in her eyes.

Scott Dawson, Sylvester Lefort and the Jersey Boys are chatting about strategy in the back.  Nobody points out that the non-wrestling manager Lefort is in WAY better shape than his wrestler.  Things degrade into an argument and Dawson and Lefort take a “wawk”.

Summer Rae storms out with her bags and Sasha Banks asks her why she did what she did to Emma.  Summer reminds Sasha that she’s on Raw and Smackdown weekly (She’s got a point).  Summer says she’ll do whatever it takes to get to the main roster.  She says that Sasha doesn’t have a backbone and will get beaten by Paige.  Summer suggests Sasha grow one and find Paige to give her a beat down.  Sasha seems to consider it.

Match 3:  Scott Dawson vs Enzo Amore

Winner:  Scott Dawson via pinfall

Dawson pressures Enzo into the ropes and breaks.  Enzo grabs a headlock and Lefort distracts the ref so Dawson can yank him by the hair.  Amore flips out of a hip toss, but get booted and suplexed onto the ropes.  Dawson pulls him out and drops him face first onto the mat.  Dawson sends Enzo to the ropes for a back elbow, followed by a leg drop and a knee drop for two.  Dawson boots Amore in the head, but he begins to fight back only to get cut off by a right fist and another boot.  Amore kicks out at two again.  Enzo hits a headscissors off the ropes after dodging a scoop slam, but Alexander Rusev hits the ramp and drops Cassidy, distracting Amore.  Dawson hits a Teardrop Suplex for the win.

Sami Zayn Interview

Zayn admits that although his 2/3 falls match with Cesaro was great, he lost.  Zayn gives a quick flirt to Renee, but says that his focus is on the NXT Championship.  This draws out current champ, Bo Dallas.  Bo says that the internet’s opinion of his match doesn’t mean he’s championship caliber.  Bo smiles through some insults and Zayn asks Renee to leave.  Zayn questions Bo’s reasons for being in the ring and he says that he won’t offer a match to him because he injured him at Summerslam.  Zayn calls out Bo on being delusional and Bo denies it.  Zayn asks for a shot at the NXT Title and before Dallas can answer, Zeb Colter enters.  Colter backs up Bo, the “hard working American” and says he’s here to expose Zayn as a fraud.  Zeb wants documentation to prove Zayn is a citizen and not a border jumper.  Zayn says after he takes the title from Bo, he’s going to work to have Colter and Cesaro deported back to Hell.  Jack Swagger comes out of nowhere and lays Zayn out.  Zayn tries to fight, but takes a gutwrench powerbomb.  Swagger lays the Gadsden flag over Zayn.

Match 4:  Adrian Neville vs Conor O’Brian

Winner:  Adrian Neville via pinfall

O’Brian tosses Neville across the ring by his head and Neville tries a go behind, but gets tossed away again.  Another go behind results in a loose headlock and a quick hop over out of the corner, then a middle rope cross body.  O’Brian hotshots Neville off a fireman’s carry then hits a running gut kick to wipe him out.  O’Brian covers for two.  An early commercial break with the Ascension standing tall.

Back to action, O’Brian is still in control, but Neville dodges a rush in the corner.  Neville fights back from the mat and, unleashes kicks and a forearm off the ropes, but O’Brian stays standing and screams.  Neville with a low dropkick, then one to the head.  Neville drops O’Brian neck first over the top rope, then springboards right into a flapjack.  Neville kicks out at two and a half.  Neville dodges another corner rush and hits a huge belly to back suplex for two.   Neville wants The Red Arrow and heads to the top as Victor screams for O’Brian to get up.  Neville hits a 450 and pins O’Brian clean.

Ascension immediately pounces on Neville and double team him.  Graves, ribs taped up, tries to make the save but gets overwhelmed.  Neville tries to help from the mat but gets grounded again.  The exclamation point on the night – Total Elimination to Corey Graves.

The Reaction:

Winning a match on NXT?  Apparently there’s an app for that.  Also, CJ Parker is a big sissy for getting KO’d by a cell phone.  Two new guys and we get a two minute match and a screwy finish?  This will be a rivalry that ends up in a big match, no doubt.  Not much else to say, unfortunately.

Now honestly…why can’t we have a ladies match like that on Raw or Smackdown?  Logical action, the number one contender wins in decisive fashion with her finisher.  That’s legit Booking 101.  Emma and Paige for the title will be fun, but I can’t shake the feeling perhaps Summer sticks her nose into it…

No idea why Rusev just cost heels a match, unless they’re going to embrace the crowd embracing the Jersey boys.  Another short one that did more to advance a storyline, but that’s fine.  Apparently Lefort has Rusev under his wing now.

Ok so we have a new babyface focusing on the NXT Title, an admission of Bo’s gimmick plus a rivalry for the face to have before the actual title match.  And it’s with main roster guys.  This is all good stuff.

Sincerely surprised by Neville not just beating O’Brian clean but doing so with the 450, which is kind of a secondary finish for him.  Old school set up for the tag title chase – The big bad heels beat up one of the champs and injure him, take a clean loss from his partner, then lay both of them out to end the night.  I have to say, the tag title match that will ensue from this is going to be stellar.

The Preview:

Sami Zayn will try for some revenge on Cesaro’s partner, Jack Swagger after a cheap shot earlier tonight.

The Shill:

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