Readers React: What Is ONE Thing You’d Change In The WWE?

This was a reader’s question I received for the Wrestling Pulsecast but we just have never been able to get to it on the show. Since it’s a slow news week & the beginning of the weekend, I thought we’d have a lively discussion here.

Here was the question posed to me by Martin of Terryville:

“If you had full control of the WWE & 1 million dollars to spend on just ONE project/talent/storyline/business move, what would that be?”


My answer: a Continuity Editor. Of course this probably wouldn’t take up the entire million dollars but it’s something the WWE has always needed. They’ve been getting a little better lately but their failures FAR outweigh their successes. “Anonymous GM”. Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler being best friends again just weeks after their year-long feud. Big Show suddenly “friends” with Daniel Bryan though Show was a heel when he was injured. There really are too many to list and most, if not all, of the problems could be fixed if there was just one person whose sole job was to watch every show, every week and make sure the characters, stories and commentary all lined the correct way, with nothing just being “dropped”. I’m sure I’ll come up with more in the comments section but that’s just to get us started.

What would you invest in? Would you bring back someone like Kurt Angle for limited dates? Or maybe Sting for one match at WrestleMania? How about changing the graphics package of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown that haven’t been updated in years? Give your thoughts below!


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