UFC 165 (Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson)- Facebook Prelims Live Play by Play, Live Results, New

Welcome fight fans to the Facebook prelim portion of tonight’s fight card. I’ll be here, covering it live, from the first punch to the final one. Welcome to the prelim portions airing live on YouTube/Facebook, starting at 6pm EST approximately.

We’re live and starting right now … starting with your obligatory awful heavyweight fight of the month.

265 lbs.: Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing. Leg kicks, mainly to the body, as both guys aren’t setting things up. This is big heavyweight winging shots. Omielanczuk is out landing Nandor right now; he’s landing some nice head kicks and is going to the body enough to make it worth it. DO goes for a level change and doesn’t shoot, clinch against the cage two minutes in. Not a lot happening as they trade position. We get a quick break at the midway point and DO goes for a double again. Can’t complete it and we’re right back against the cage one more time. Mainly body shots and work against the cage right now and we get another break. Nandor is working some inside leg kicks and hits a nice push kick. A superman punch misses and a nice counter from DO. DO catches a kick and gets the takedown but Nandor is back up quickly. Back against the cage again. Final seconds are in a scramble as Nandor gives up his back against the cage and nearly gets caught. Round ends before DO can do anything with it. 10-9 Omielanczuk

Round 2: Some big shots to start as DO is landing some big shots. Nandor goes to the clinch as he’s gotten tagged. DO goes for a guillotine and switches to a front headlock. Nandor still looks a bit rocked and DO gets him to the ground and in half guard. He’s landing some big shots and goes for a kimura; he loses position but keeps going with it. He loses and Nandor gets side control on him. Back to his feet and Nandor with a nice mat return. He’s landing some big shots as DO is just holding on, waiting for a standup. Nandor rolls to his stomach and Nandor into half guard. Scramble and Nandor gets behind him; DO rolls for a leglock but can’t finish it. He’s on his back again and pulls half guard. He’s working some ground and pound now, grinding out the round. 10-9 Nandor, 19-19

Round 3: Nandor looks a lot fresher right now as DO looks a bit gassed. Some wild shots being thrown but not much behind it at this point. Nandor works for a combination but can’t complete it. DO goes for the clinch against the cage and it’s a rest break until we get it broken up. Nice kick to the body from Nandor but not much behind it. DO pushes forward again and we’re back to the clinch against the cage. Not a lot of action as both guys look completely exhausted at this point. We get a mercy break at the two minute mark. Nandor knocks out DO’s mouthpiece with a body kick and we get a quick break. We get sloppy gassed brawling and a big left from DO puts out Nandor. Nandor is OUT and this fight is over. Daniel Omielanczuk wins via KO at 3:18 of the third round

135 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Roland Delorme

Round 1: Caceres flashes a nice double jab to start, followed with a nice head kick and a spinning back fist. Caceres is really flashy and Delorme is looking to counter early. Caceres is really fast but Delorme is doing a good job at not letting him hit clean. Caceres with a nice combination and then gets TAGGED by Delorme. Delorme falls into a mounted crucifix and tees off. Caceres scrambles and takes back but gets swept by Delorme, who grabs his back. He grabs a rear naked choke but can’t finish; he lets it go to try and work some ground and pound; he has both hooks in now and is looking for the RNC one more. Caceres is in survival mode and Delorme is all over him right now. Caceres is doing a good job of playing defense right now but he’s eating some hard shots right now. Caceres tries to get back into guard and Delorme keeps on top of him. This is really good mat work right now and Delorme grabs a head arm triangle that he can’t finish. Caceres gets the scramble and we’re back up to our feet. Round ends as Delorme goes for a double. 10-9 Delorme

Round 2: Delorme comes out more aggressive as he’s throwing and connecting more to start. Caceres is looking to avoid Delorme’s power by using angles. Delorme is cutting the cage off, though, and is not letting Caceres set up his flashy offense. Some nice striking exchanges and Delorme goes for the takedown. He slips and Caceres is on him, grabbing back as Delorme gets back to his feet. He lets him go and we’re back to striking. Delorme gets a single and Caceres sets up a scramble as he’s falling. Delorme goes for a D’arce choke but can’t finish it. Caceres nearly gets taken down as Delorme really works for it. He can’t and we’re back to the middle of the cage. Caceres is back to sticking and moving as Delorme has gotten his timing down a bit better this round. Delorme with some nice counters and a couple of nice rights set up a failed takedown attempt. He can’t complete it, though. Back to the middle and Caceres lands some nice leg kicks as the round ends. 10-9 Caceres, 19-19

Round 3: Caceres opens up with some kicks again, working the legs some more. Delorme wants to get close for the takedown and Caceres is staying away, sticking and moving some more. Delorme is missing wild as he tries to get close usually, though, as Caceres is moving out. He gets the clinch on a big miss and we’re back against the cage. Caceres backs out and we’re back to the middle. He’s landing some nice punches right now; he’s throwing low leg kicks and then throwing hands at this point. Delorme catches a kick and goes for the takedown, Caceres defends well and is up immediately. Caceres manages to take back on the stand up and Delorme is right back to his feet. Caceres backs out and he’s landing some crisp strikes now. Delorme looks nearly done and Caceres is still moving well. Spinning back kick hits and Delorme catches the next, flipping him to the mat and getting a takedown. Caceres goes for a triangle that goes nowhere and we finish the fight in full guard. 10-9 Caceres, 29-28 Caceres

Official decision: Alex Caceres wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

155 lbs.: Jesse Ronson vs. Michel Prazeres

Round 1: Prazares with a nice head kick to start as Ronson is in more of a kickboxing stance. Prazeres grabs the leg and goes for a single, Ronson defends well but Prazeres drags him to the ground. Ronson is back up but gets tripped to the ground and Prazeres is in side control. he moves into North South and can’t complete, Ronson is back up but gets SLAMMED right to the ground. Prazeres into half guard; he is looking to set up a choke and his setups are being countered by Ronson with movement. Prazeres into side control; he’s looking for a choke and grabs back. Ronson’s defense is really good right now. Ronson is trying to roll out but Prazeres is all over him right now. This is a clinic on positional grappling right now. Round ends with the Brazilian on top. 10-9 Prazeres

Round 2: Ronson is being more aggressive with his movement to start but he’s fighting tall. Prazeres level changes and we’re back to the ground. Ronson gets up quickly but Prazeres drags him to the ground again. Back against the cage as Ronson slowly manages to get away. Kick gets caught as Prazeres gets the takedown again. Prazeres presses him against the cage as Ronson is on his knees. He gets back up but Prazeres is all over him right now. Ninety seconds left and not much is happening. Ronson manages to get away and lands a couple nice strikes, including a good head kick. He’s starting to find a groove on his feet as Prazeres goes for another takedown. Ronson with good defense as the round ends. 10-9 Prazeres, 20-18 Prazeres

Round 3: Ronson comes out throwing, with a nice body kick, as Prazeres is tired. Nice uppercut set up with some nice footwork from Ronson. Prazeres is looking to counter this round as Ronson is starting to win the striking exchanges. Prazeres is staying away; he’s fighting like a man up two rounds right now and willing to give away the third to get the win. Ronson is much more active this round. Prazeres with a nice right and goes for a takedown that he can’t complete. He goes in deep for another takedown; he’s moving slow on it and can’t finish. He slips and goes to the turtle, Ronson landing some big leg kicks to the downed opponent. Ronson lets him up as soon as Prazeres goes for the knee bar. We get some striking exchanges and Prazeres gets a nice takedown, landing in half guard. He traps the arm as looks to go for a choke with the round slowly winding down. Ronson back to his feet and we’re playing positional grappling against the cage. Ronson with a big slam and some wild strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Ronson, 29-28 Prazeres

Official decision: Prazeres by split decision (29-29×2, 28-29)

155 lbs.: Renee Forte vs. John Makdessi

Round 1: Makdessi is staying away from the ground wizard in Forte as we’re in a kick boxing battle so far. Forte is looking to try and catch the leg but Makdessi is doing a good job at disguising when he’s throwing. Big shot from Makdessi and Forte GOES DOWN. He pours out and Forte is out. John Makdessi wins via KO (2:01 of the first round)

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