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Welcome fight fans to the Fox Sports 1 prelim portion of tonight’s fight card. I’ll be here, covering it live, from the first punch to the final one. Check out the Facebook portion of the card by clicking here.

135 lbs.: Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kimura

Round 1: Both come out fast but not a of strikes early. Kimura with a nice right and Gagnon goes for the takedown early but can’t complete it. Gagnon is winning the positional battle early and he’s landing some big shots on Kimura. Kimura is bleeding early from the nose. Gagnon with some big shots with a beautiful combination; Kimura returns fire with some big shots of his own. Kimura with a big shot to the liver and Gagnon with a desperation takedown to recover. Kumura grabs a heel hook and has it in deep. He spins out of it and Kimura eats a big right. Kimura gets up and eats a big right for his efforts. We’re back standing as Gagnon is landing some shots on him. Kimura is bleeding more profusely and he goes for the takedown. Gagnon grabs a deep guillotine and Kimura goes out at 4:05 of the first round.

170 lbs.: Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1: Thomson with a nice head kick early as both guys are throwing some really nice leg kicks early. This looks like a Tae Kwon Do match in a way; hands low and lots of kicks. Clements with a nice heel kick to the leg that drops Thompson and goes for the takedown. Grappling exchange and Clements finds his back against the cage as Thompson is working for the takedown. He finishes it but is eating some shots from Clements to do so. He’s up quickly and Thompson backs out; he wanted to score points with that, I think. Some big shots; so far the violence quota for tonight is in full effect. Body lock from Clements and we’re back to working against the cage by both men. Thompson backs out and back to the m iddle. He knocks Clements out from under his feet and takes top position out of it; Clements is up quickly and a scramble gets him back to his feet. We’re up against the cage and Thompson backs out, looking to pounce. Clements grabs the body lock and Thompson backs out for good. We’re into some leg kicking now and Thompson gets the takedown, grabs mount but Clements rolls out of it. 10-9 Thompson

Round 2: Nice pair of head kicks to start from Thompson. Clements walked through them but they looked nice. Thompson catches him with a right and he’s down; Thompson tries to capitalize but Clements is veteran enough to tie Thompson’s hands up. He recovers and lets Clements back up. Thompson caught him with a nice combination following a leg kick and Clements is out. Ref jumps in and right as he jumps in Clements appears to come back. Good stoppage on replay but not in real time.

Stephen Thompson wins via KO at 1:27 of the second round.

135 lbs.: Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Both guys come out a bit tentative. Menjivar with a nice trip takedown early but Reis is back up quickly. Menjivar swings to get in close and gets the clinch but Reis wants nothing to do with it, backing out. Both guys are pawing with jabs and throwing kicks low or to the body. Menjivar grabs the plum and lands some nice knees out of it; Reis gets away but Menjivar lands a leg kick on the way out. Menjivar’s leg kick game looks really good tonight; it’s very crisp. Reis throws to get inside but Menjivar goes to the clinch again; Reis backs out as soon as he feels the second hand on his head. Reis with a nice combination set up by his jab; this is a very close fight so far. Reis’s striking looks pretty crisp so far as well. He goes in for the takedown and Menjivar fights it off; Reis gets it with a drag on the body. Menjivar in full guard as he ties up Reis’s arms. Round ends as Reis lands a nice elbow to the head but not much else. 10-9 Reis

Round 2: Both fighters come out slow again; this feels like both are pacing themselves for five rounds, not three. Body kick from Menjivar is caught and Reis gets the takedown off it. He lands some strikes but backs out, diving into Menjivar’s guard again. Ivan is back up again and we’re against the cage one more time. Both are fighting in the clinch. We get a release and we’re back to the middle of the cage. Reis is dictating the pace with strikes and times a level change to coincide with a punch from Menjivar to get the takedown. He lands in full guard as he’s grinding this out. He’s grinding this out as he’s landing just enough on the ground to keep from a stand up. Menjivar isn’t doing much on the ground because Reis is using position really well to stifle him. He sets up a scramble and we’re back up on our feet. Menjivar with some body work and Reis backs out. Round ends with the two feeling each other out some more. 10-9 Reis, 20-18 Reis

Round 3: Reis comes out more aggressive this round with a nice leg kick. Menjivar is matching him with strikes but this is a fairly slow pace for the two. Reis is out landing, and landing clean. Reis goes for a takedown and Menjivar defends, clinch and we’re against the cage. He’s working that single and Menjivar is looking for a guillotine that he can’t complete. Reis gets the takedown and lands in mount. He’s using top position to hold him down and is looking to move to a head arm triangle slowly. Menjivar is defending well but isn’t doing much. Reis is using top position really well to pin him down. Menjivar is trying to set up a sweep or a scramble and Reis is using top position well. Reis wants a head arm triangle and Menjivar is stopping him from completing anything; he’s holding on for dear life at times. He grinds the round out from this spot. 10-9 Reis, 30-27 Reis

Official decision: Wilson Reis wins via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

155 lbs.: Myles Jury vs. Mike Ricci

Round 1: Not a lot of action to start; Ricci looks to be in tremendous condition, something you couldn’t say in his previous two UFC fights. Early on both guys are trying to find range. Ricci is trying to work the body with kick sand Jury is trying to get his hands started. A lot of single shots being thrown here; nothing in combination and nothing with a setup. Jury goes for the takedown and gets it, scoop slamming him in the process. Ricci walks back to the cage. Jury looking to pass and Ricci is doing a good job keeping Jury from gaining position. Ricci slowly working his way back up but Jury is doing a good job at keeping him there. Ricci with some nice elbows but Jury plays hand control well. Ricci back to his feet with ten seconds left and we’re back in the middle. Round ends before anything more can happen. 10-9 Jury

Round 2: Not much action to start as both are still feeling each out. Jury isn’t pressing and Ricci is looking to counter. This is a lot of footwork and positional games right now. Ricci is doing a good job using movement to get Jury in a corner. This round looks really similar to the last; not much action. Not a lot of action going on here; both guys are staying away, not throwing much with authority. This is a cautious fight between two guys who respect each other’s abilities. Ricci goes for an overhand right and Jury sort of dives for a takedown but doesn’t get it. Not much action for the rest of the round. Jury goes for a takedown late but can’t complete it. 10-10, 20-19 Jury

Round 3: Neither guy is doing much to start and even Joe Rogan is complaining on commentary. Jury gets a double and drags him to the ground, Ricci looking for a switch against the cage. He lets it go to go for a guillotine, lets that go and is content to try and wall walk his way back up. Not much happening as Ricci gets the reverse and goes for a double of his one, Jury works out of it and gets one of his own. Jury is working hard to get this takedown as this has turned into a grappling match. Jury grinds out the final minute with back control, or tries to at least Ricci rolls out and gets Jury on his back for a brief moment. Jury rolls out of it at the 30 second mark and grabs a double, content to ride it out. He does and the fight mercifully ends. 10-9 Jury, 30-28 Jury

Official decision: Myles Jury wins via split decision (29-28 Jury, 29-28 Ricci, 29-28 Jury)

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