Quick Hits: WWE Raw 9.23.13 (One More For The Good Guys?)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon/Babyfaces Segment

<- Well it’s a good thing RVD is a part-timer because that type of talk definitely deserves a firing.

<- Great line by HHH about Superstars always fought to be WWE Champion not FOR the current WWE Champion. A logical point coming from a heel is always smart.

<- Interesting twist booking The Shield at a disadvantage that somewhat played off of Triple H’s SmackDown role where he went around apologizing to Superstars. You couldn’t tell if The Shield were truly surprised or just acting their part & I’m liking that unknown factor of this story.

Kofi Kingston vs World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

<- Wait, the roster is so weak that the people booked in the 11 on 3 handicap match also have to wrestle in singles matches? There was no one else in the locker room that could use some TV time?

<- Ok that was one of the smoothest sentons I’ve ever seen by Kofi. And he landed on his feet.

<- A good match between these two that I think went on a little too long. They started off hot and had some good near falls but the bulk of the match seemed plodding.

The Wyatt Family vs The Prime Time Players

<- Another 2 guys who are also in the main event. This is driving me nuts.

<- Nice pop for Titus’ hot tag.

<- God I love Harper’s clothesline.

<- As much as I like the entire Wyatt Family, they need a direction, a purpose. They can’t keep just treading water until Kane comes back.

MizTV with The Big Show

<- I kind of like the serious Miz we just got a glimpse of. I know this babyface run has definitely failed but if he can tap into that intensity, he just might make it as a good guy in the future.

<- Everything Stephanie just said about Miz having to make all of those not so ideal appearances is completely true. That had to resonate a little bit with him. At least now that he’s another “victim”, he can be booked with Cody & Ziggler when the revolt comes.

<- If Big Show’s punch was that devastating, wouldn’t he have been the WWE Champion for the last 10 years?

Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

<- RVD versus Orton! Am I watching Raw on TNN in 2004?!

<- Seriously though, these two usually put on a good show.

<- I know that Orton is your top “active” heel but I would have loved to see a clean RVD win here followed by the post-match beatdown. That would have given RVD and the announcers something else to talk about for Van  Dam’s match with Del Rio and Orton would have gotten any heat he lost back immediately with the beatdown that took place anyway.

<- Now that Raw is playing out, I get why they put all of the guys that are supposed to be in the main event, in under-card matches as well. This gives them all an out when The Shield probably eliminates them since they’ve run injury angles in almost all of the matches.

<- Well we saw the tease last week and there it just was, the Bellas (who are the focus of this week’s Wallpaper Of The Week) will now be babyfaces and Brie will be Daniel Bryan’s “Miss Elizabeth”. I hope they know what they’re doing…

Fandango vs Santino

<- Santino’s kip-up looked exactly every kid’s attempt who grew up watching Shawn Michaels.

<- Fandango is the first person to pin Santino since Santino’s return. Yup.

CM Punk Segment

<- CM Punk is to Chicago what Bret Hart always wanted to be to Canada.

<- Good God, imagine if Punk did come out with the Stanley Cup?! That arena would have wet itself.

<- Ah the old “Grays Sports Almanac” reference. Always stellar.

<- God, how did Ryback miss the table?! It’s not like he had to throw Punk far!

<- Another good segment and again Punk & Heyman prove that you can have a compelling story even with one guy not being a wrestler.

The Bellas, Funkadactyls & Natayla vs AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Layla & Tamina

<- I thought we were going to see AJ face each “Total Diva” by herself and no more of these stupid tag matches.

<- And of course, Brie pins AJ and Nattie’s push is probably out the window. Just in time for her storyline with Daniel Bryan.

The Shield vs Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, The Usos & The Prime Time Players

<- Decent promo from Bryan but nothing special. I did like how he wanted to put Night of Champions in the past and look forward to winning the title at Battleground. That’s the type of thing John Cena would say but coming from Bryan it didn’t seem as contrived.

<- The Rhodes Brothers run-in was great. I honestly never expected to see them appear like this & their story is just as compelling (if not more) than the WWE Championship storyline. Why Dustin thought it’d be a good idea to “blend in” with his Goldust paint on though is a mystery.

<- Ziggler Selling Meme

<- I like how Ambrose only used his finisher on the two guys who can sell it well, Kofi and RVD.

<- Reigns really has mastered the Spear. Just looks sickening every time! And he’s being made to look like a monster in this match.

<- Chicago went nuts for Roman Reigns’ elimination. In an 11 on 3 handicap match. All logic should say that the audience would expect Reigns to be eliminated at some point but they’ve done such a good job with him and The Shield that the fans were that into it.

<- Also, that’s the first time Reigns has been pinned since coming to the main roster? Jeez!

<- Great moment with Bryan sending the Usos and Ziggler to surround Rollins. For a match that could have been extremely chaotic, this has been pretty fun to watch.

<- What a 180 from the Night Of Champions build. Instead of the last image of every show being Daniel Bryan laid out, now it’s him in complete celebration. Another good show this week the further pretty much every story going.

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