JC’s Top Rope Report: Random Thoughts From This Week’s Wrestling News

Hello everyone. I’m back again with my random thoughts on this week’s news and rumblings from the world of pro wrestling. Hopefully, starting next week, I will be back to my normal columns and Flashback Thoughts. My dad will be released from the hospital this week so that will put my schedule somewhat back to normal. No more hospital visits that rearrange my schedule.

With that said, let me address the news from this week.

1. I Still Don’t Get The Booking of the 11-on-3 Handicap Match From RAW

-First let me say that I enjoyed the match from a wrestling stand point. The Shield once again looked strong in the ring as they have in recent weeks. It is great to see The Shield back in the spotlight on WWE TV after there was some worry about the direction they were going in over the summer.

But while The Shield looked strong, I still have no idea why Triple H would book his hired henchmen in such a bad situation. Why would the evil corporate HHH give the faces any kind of advantage like that? And you could tell from the look on The Shield’s face when the match was booked that they weren’t exactly in on the whole thing. It is one thing to make The Shield look strong, but it is another thing to put them in an 11-on-3 situation. Unless this is the start of a possible Shield break from Triple H, which at the time doesn’t seem like the case, I don’t know why Triple H would put The Shield in this situation. I’ve become accepting to the fact that we will never get a reason why The Shield has joined up with Triple H and Co., but this just doesn’t add up for me.

2. Is The WWE Sending Out Hints Of A Possible Undertaker Return?

The following tweets have appeared on the Twitter feed of the WWE over the last few days:

“Broken souls lay beneath his feet. #RestinPieces”

““I have taken it upon myself to walk a path where no one else chooses to.” #RestinPieces”

“Born a survivor 11.22.90 #RestinPieces”

That last tweet kind of gives a big clue about these being in relation to The Undertaker. That is the debut date of The Undertaker in the WWE. Obviously, this is way too early to being the hype for Wrestlemania. If this was happening in December or January than you could get there, but late September is nowhere near Wrestlemania season. Assuming this is about The Undertaker and not a big Russo Swerve for something else, I’m surprised Taker would come back so soon. There’s always rumors about Taker’s healthy and he was apparently injured from the powerbomb through the announce table that The Shield delivered to him. Taker is up there in age and we don’t know how many matches he has left, so if you ask me he has to be protected at all costs.

If The Undertaker is making an early comeback, I think there are only two realistic options for him. The first one would be coming back to get revenge on The Shield. At this point I don’t see it happening because The Shield is involved with the Triple H storyline. I don’t see Taker getting involved in the main angle of the WWE if he is only back for one match during the fall.

The more likely option to me would be a short feud with The Wyatt Family. The connection is already there with the Wyatts taking out Taker’s brother Kane, who hasn’t been seen since SummerSlam. Undertaker could come back to help Kane out and immediately boost the Wyatt Family in the eyes of the WWE Universe. The Wyatt Family has had nothing going on for them since the Kane feud. Having a Wyatt/Brothers of Destruction match at either Hell In A Cell or Survivor Series would be a good way to get the Wyatts back in the spotlight. It would also give TV ratings a boost in the weeks leading up to the PPV due to Taker’s name value alone.

Of course, this could just be smoke and mirrors by the WWE. But Taker coming back for a match before Wrestlemania would definitely be #GOODFORBUSINESS!

3. The Wrestelmania Rumors Are Starting Already

-We’re starting to get to the point on the WWE calendar where Wrestlemania rumors will start to pop up. I always say it is too early to believe any of these rumors and to take anything you read with a grain of salt. But we got one of our earliest reports from Bryan Alvarez of F4W this week when it comes to matches. Alvarez states that there have been talks of doing the following matches: The Rock vs Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker vs Ryback. If Rock can’t do the show, there is talk of Taker/Lesnar instead.

I get the appeal on the WWE’s end of a Rock/Lesnar match (even though I wouldn’t do it, and don’t think it will draw as much as they think), but a possible Undertaker/Ryback match would just not do anything for me. The WWE has done so much damage to Ryabck that I don’t think there would be any mystique in a possible match between him and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. There are so many other options that are better than Ryback. Ryback is damaged goods at this point and I don’t even think pairing him with Paul Heyman will do him any good.

I’ve talked about Wrestlemania 30 numerous times on the HTCPulsecast and in my columns. I laid out a path for it about a month ago. If I was booking Wrestlemania 30, I would lay out the card like this:

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs CM Punk John Cena vs The Undertaker The Rock and Daniel Bryan vs Triple H and Randy Orton WHC: Sheamus (c) as a heel vs Dolph Ziggler

I modified that tag team match a bit. I think if you want Rock back at Wrestlemania, it needs to be in a tag match where he doesn’t need to be around every week to help the build. Plus after last year’s injury, do you think he is taking the risk again and possibly miss out on any future movie roles? I don’t agree with the tag match angle right now, and personally I’d rather see Bryan/HHH, but Orton is more than likely going to stay involved in this story for the time being.

We still have a long way to go before Wrestlemania, so every possibility is out there.

4. The WWE Apparently Doesn’t See Money In Dolph Ziggler

-So the WWE doesn’t think Dolph Ziggler is a big time player in the WWE? I’m sure they thought the same thing about CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, so only time will tell on this one. There’s no doubt that Ziggler is one of the best wrestlers currently in the WWE. I really thought his World Title MITB cash in would launch him into the next level of the WWE. The crowd was definitely behind him and wanted him to become a main eventer. And I thought the WWE did a superb job turning Ziggler face with the Alberto del Rio double turn.

But then, in typical WWE face turn fashion, they ruined it. Now Ziggler is back in mid-card purgatory after that and because of something he said during an interview SummerSlam weekend. After last year’s Wrestlemania, I was a strong backer of a possible Rock/Ziggler match at this year’s Wrestlemania. It would have done WONDERS for Ziggler and I think interactions between Ziggler and The Rock would have been great. But that obviously isn’t happening anytime soon. There’s still some hope for Ziggler as a World Title guy, but the WWE needs to right that ship ASAP.

That’s all I have for this week. Tune in to the HTCWrestling Pulsecast this week at 8 on BlogTalkRadio where we will preview Battleground and talk more wrestling. The number to call is 818-532-9786!

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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