Comedy Corner: How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Michael J. Fox Show, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory – Week 2 Reviews

funny fridayThis week:

  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • Modern Family
  • The Michael J. Fox Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Parks and Recreation

HIMYM – “Last Time In New York”
I did not care for any of the storylines in this episode, but especially Marshall’s. Oh man, does that seem pointless. The one moment I liked in this episode was the heartfelt conversation between Lily and Ted – moments like that used to be the show’s bread and butter. But I just hate the Barney-Robin-Ted love triangle, and if this season is going to have a strong focus on that, we’re in trouble.

New Girl – “Double Date”
new girlI struggled with this episode of New Girl, even though I love the show. Schmidt two-timing with Cece and Elizabeth was never a storyline I could get on board with, because it felt too mean for the show or the character. Turning Schmidt into a vindictive nemesis for Jess and Nick feels like a fabricated obstacle that their relationship doesn’t need. I’m concerned.

That said, the jokes in this episode worked for me. Plot-wise, it was a flop, but it was funny. Is Winston just 100% crazy now? Whatever, I still loved the cat stuff and the “community table” at the restaurant.
Best moment: “I made up this dance to make everyone happy again!”

The Mindy Project – “Music Festival”
mindy_music_festivalYikes…three negative reviews in a row? I hate to say it, but I had problems with this episode of Mindy, too – and, like New Girl and HIMYM, the problems laid solely in the romantic aspects of the show. Casey officially outstayed his welcome and swung way too far towards annoying and away from funny. But it felt really unnatural for his character, like the show was trying too hard to give Mindy a legitimate reason to dump the charitable pastor.

I love Adam Pally from Happy Endings though, and while his character was rough around the edges I think he’ll be a good addition for the show. (I love that he still used abbrevs, that felt like a nice Happy Endings shout-out.)
Best moment: Everything involving Mindy and Danny at the music festival was perfect. Danny: “This looks like a Civil War battlefield. Except somehow there are more beards.”

Modern Family – “Larry’s Wife”
There were aspects of this episode that really worked for me. I liked seeing Haley, Alex and Luke get a storyline together. I laughed at Mitch obsessively cleaning his office, and then getting stuck in an air vent. And I couldn’t help but enjoy the idea of Gloria thinking her baby is cursed. The rest? Not so much – all those storylines relied too much on character dynamics that feel tired. Jay and Manny are very different, Claire gets exasperated at Phil, Cam can get carried away. We’ve seen all that before.
Best moment: “Where would I find another gay Mitchell with your exact markings?”

The Michael J. Fox Show – “Art”
This show gets one more episode, maybe two to convince me. “Art” was not my favorite – so far, I really like Betsy Brandt on this show. But Mike’s work life needs to be expanded, and the kid storylines need to be seriously dialed back. The teen daughter’s photography, the older son’s breakup, AND the youngest kid being a brat was too much. Pick one, not all. I also noticed that the mockumentary style really got to me this week. I’ve put up with that on Modern Family even though I think the show could do without it, and I actually enjoy it on Parks and Rec – but here, it feels lazy and out of place.

The Big Bang Theory – “The Scavenger Vortex”
The Scavenger VortexI loved this episode. The scavenger hunt may have been a silly plot device meant only to mix up some character combinations, but for me it totally worked. Penny and Sheldon is always duo that leads to laughs, but the other combinations were all fresh. Howard and Amy bonded over Neil Diamond, and Bernadette got competitive and bulldozed her doormat teammate Leonard.

As an aside, I loved how Raj epically botched the end of the game, making “everyone” win. I would have LOST IT!
Best moment: Sheldon: “Do you know the odds of me picking your name?” Penny: “No.” Sheldon: “One in five! It’s very easy! Now you know why I’m sulking.”

Parks and Recreation – “The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic”
Parks and Recreation- Season 6Kristen Bell Kristen Bell Kristen Bell! One of my favorite people on my favorite comedy. She did a great job playing an Eagleton politician, in an episode where it was revealed that Eagleton is on the verge of bankruptcy. They ended up merging into Pawnee, which I hope brings more rivalry jokes to the show. (And maybe another appearance from Bell? Please?)

Ron going “off the grid” was amazing, but his accidental Vine was best of all. This storyline could have felt old, but Ron’s new role as husband and father gave it more depth. Only Ann and April’s storyline felt a little tired – at this point, I really think the writers need to give up on April’s hatred of Ann. They’re out of jokes. However, it set up a new path for Ann, since her road trip with April made her realize that she wants to move to a new city.
Best moments: That was NBA player Chris Bosh on the Eagleton team. Also, “It’s not TV.”

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