Top 5 Green Lantern #24 Lights Out Part 1 Spoilers: What Kind Of Damage Does Relic Do To The Green Lantern Corps & The Emotional Spectrum? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Lights Out is upon us and the Green Lantern Corps and emotional spectrum will never be the same… or so we’re being told. The kick-off in Green Lantern #24 Lights Out Part 1 seems to live up the hype. Below is the Lights Out checklist for readers. Following that are the Top 5 Lights Out Spoilers from Green Lantern #24.

Spoilers follow for Green Lantern #24.

(5) What Is The State Of the Emotional Spectrum To Kick Off Lights Out?

Relic brings devastation with him.

Looks like the Emotional Spectrum “Entities” are weakened.

And, the Entities have grouped together on a shared journey away from their respective Corps.

Plus, it looks like there is no longer a Blue Lantern Corps, just one surviving Blue Lantern.

(4) Just How Big Is Relic?

So, the new villain Relic that is the main antagonist in Lights Out is massive in stature and from the universe before our universe.

Look at the size scale with Hal Jordan.

(3) Why Does Relic Want To Destroy The Emotional Spectrum?

During Villains Month we learned about the fate of Relic’s universe-before-our-universe (and his possible ties to the New Gods) and that universe’s lightsmiths who wielded an earlier form of the emotional spectrum. It seems there is a cost to the use of the emotional spectrum.

Wielding the emotional spectrum will destroy this universe too?

(2) What Does Relic Doe About That Concern?

Relic takes immediate action when he reaches OA.

Relic sends his iron locusts to absorb the power of the Green Lantern Corps’ Central Battery so that he may wield its power more responsibly.

(1) What Happens If Relic Is Successful?

Well, he IS successful.

By draining the Central Power Battery, it causes its destruction. And, since the Battery was tied into the guts of OA, the planet OA is seemingly doomed too!

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