Forever Evil Spoilers: How Much Does Trinity Of Sin Phantom Stranger #12 Tie-In To Forever Evil? (DC Comics New 52)

Yesterday, we shared with you DC Comics’ New 52 Checklist for Forever Evil tie-in books in October 2013 as a follow-up on the Top 5 Spoilers from Forever Evil #2.

One of the books on that list was Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #12. That book also sported the new trade dress that DC Comics will apparently be using for Forever Evil tie-in titles. Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger will also be part of a new Forever Evil mini-series called Forever Evil: Blight also starring Justice League Dark, Constantine and Trinity of Sin: Pandora.

As I indicated yesterday, despite DC Comics asking retailors not to sell copies until this upcoming week of the New 52’s Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #12, a Forever Evil tie-in, a store I don’t usually frequent had it for sale last week. And, I purchased it.

So, how much of a Forever Evil tie-in was Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #12? Glad you asked.

Spoilers follow


The answer is not very. Only a few panels on two pages depict the eclipse caused by Ultraman in Forever Evil #1. THAT is your Forever Evil tie-in folks. The others books on the checklist seem to the real deal tie-ins, but I guess we’ll know for sure as the books hit stands.

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