CB’s Slant: Monday Night Raw Ends How WWE Battleground Should Have (Big Show, Triple H, Daniel Bryan)

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On tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw 10/7/13, we were given a feel-good finish that saw the Big Show FINALLY knock out Triple H and Daniel Bryan stand tall:

It was a far cry from what the paying customers saw at Battleground, when chaotic booking ensued and vacancy (in more ways than one) reigned supreme.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for WWE to hold their Creative team in abeyance, and bring back LOGIC to these proceedings on Sunday nights.

And hopefully, Hell In A Cell will deliver the real result that’s “best for business,” which is a Daniel Bryan title win that doesn’t get reversed, with a special guest ref like HBK who won’t get coerced.

It’s time for Daniel Bryan to take this one all the way home, especially if WWE wants last night’s Battleground debacle to be a little more forgotten if not ever forgiven.

That’s all from me — CB.

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