This Week in Wrestling History #2

What happened in wrestling history during the week 7th October to 13th October? 

Read on to find out!!

Major Events:

1999 – Heroes of Wrestling is declared the greatest wrestling event of the 20th century. A spin-off “Legends of Wrestling” computer game was developed, with the title changed due to a rights issue with the Samoan Swat Team.

1991 – The York Foundation defeated Dustin Rhodes, Tom Zenk, & Big Josh for the WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Title. While this wasn’t really a major event, I just thought I remind you all that WCW once had an actual Six-Man Tag Team title to contest on episodes of Worldwide. It truly was the finest title in the history of this non-sport.

1985 – WCCFCW’s famous “Chilli Bowl Extravaganza” takes place.

1983 – Jerry Lawler defeated someone in the Memphis.

Jerry Lawler (not pictured: what Jerry Lawler is looking at.)

Jerry Lawler, looking at something. You can make your own guesses as to what that something is.

Title Changes:

1932 – Johnny “The Child Strangler” Grobawski defeated “Traintracks” Jack Cherry for the Lower Eastern Canadian Seaboard Welterweight title. The six people in attendance rioted after the match due to Grobawski botching his “classic forearm” finisher.

1980 – Robby “Mick” Jaggers defeated Bugsy Malone for the Unified Cocoa Beach Heavyweight title. Jimmy Snuka was not in attendance.

Snuka vs a Supernova remnant

Snuka vs a Supernova remnant

1997 – Owen Hart defeated Ron Simmons in a tournament final for the Intercontinental title. I recall this being a somewhat weird PPV – decent matches mixed with references to Pillman’s passing. You try cheering for your favourite when WWF is reminding you of the cruel inevitability of life. See. You can’t, can you? Well…maybe if your favourite is Randy Orton, you could. But most people aren’t strange like that.

2002 – X-Pac is brought in to TNA to squash their real talents and win the X-title in a 7-man ladder match. It was a business model that TNA continued until its demise in early 2014 (we hope).

Career points:

2001 – Vince Russo announces his retirement from wrestling by making a surprise run-in during Nitro to win the vacant WCW Television Title. The show taping was never released, due to it being filmed in Russo’s back garden…and that Nitro wasn’t produced anymore…and WCW didn’t exist. Swerve.

Wait, that's not Vince Russo. That's a still of Jesse Ventura from the motion picture "Predator".

Wait, that’s not Vince Russo. That’s Jesse Ventura in the motion picture “Predator”.

1982 – Nick Bockwinkel defeated Otto Wanz for a record 188th time.

1957 – Lou Thesz wrestled Rikidozan in a 24 hour time limit match. It became the first ever NWA World title match to end in a draw and the first time an audience had ever gotten bored from seeing too many belly-to-back waistlock suplexes.

Fun Facts:

Darren Drozdov a.k.a “Droz” a.k.a. “Puke” a.k.a “The Road Warrior We Must Never Mention” was paralyzed by D’Lo Brown fourteen years ago. Doctors at Titan Towers Hospital told Droz he would never walk again. Sadly, they were right. Droz is still in a wheelchair. The good news is that his doctors are now tipped to receive the prestigious Nobel Prize for Diagnostic Excellence in Medicine.

Legion of Doom (not pictured: Droz)

The Legion of Doom (not pictured: Droz)

Thanks for reading! Come back next week to find out what happened…next week…in history!

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