Strongbow Spoilers Synopsis: CW Arrow Season 2, Episode 1, City of Heroes Thoughts & Review

CW Arrow Season 2, Episode 1 premiere is called City of Heroes and a lot of action ensues. Here is the synopsis.

Naturally, SPOILERS follow. You have been warned.

Back To Island: The episode opens with John Diggle and Felicity Smoak fetching Oliver Queen from the island he returned to after the tragic events of the Season 1 Finale: Starling City’s ghetto “The Glades” has been destroyed by Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen is in Iron Heights jail for having conspired with Malcolm.

Growing Up: Thea Queen, Olivers’s sister nicknamed “Speedy” and her Glades-bred boyfriend and Arrow / Hood fan Roy Harper are still together. Thea runs the club.

Career Change: Laurel Lance joins the District Attorney’s Office and her legal clinic CNRI will remain closed as it was destroyed in the Glades

“We Are The Hood”: A group of four vigilantes called “The Hood” kill the mayor at a benefit gala. Laurel protects the D.A., but the odds aren’t in her favour and she stands down.

Career Change 2: After The Hood gang depart, the police arrive including demoted beat cop Quinton Lance, Laurel’s father.

Rest In Peace: Tommy Merlyn is still dead. A funeral happened between the Season 1 finale and the Season 2 premiere.

Regrets: Laurel made a mistake sleeping with Oliver. Feels like she betrayed Tommy even though they were broken up. Oliver still mourns Laurel’s sister who he cheated on Laurel with and who died when the Queen’s Gambit ship capsized five years ago.

A New Target: The Hoods gang decided to take down Oliver Queen because his company created the earthquake generator that leveled the Glades.

Serenity For Oliver Queen: Isabel Rochev, played by Firefly and Serenity actress Summer Glau, is attempting a hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated. She is the VP of Acquisitions at Stellmoor International and owns 45% of Queen Consolidated as does Oliver. The remaining 10% will be released by the board and Oliver promises Isabel that he will buy them first to keep control of the company.

Kidnapped: The Hoods gang attack Oliver’s club looking for Oliver. Roy Harper shows his action chops and takes down two of them before they start to shoot patrons. A remaining gang member kidnaps Thea Queen.

Hood Reborn: His sister kidnapping is the impetus that Oliver needs to reluctantly return to The Hood / Green Arrow persona. He decides to try to avoid killing criminals, but subduing them.

Who Are The Hoods:Standing Strong Support group has been set up for Glades survivors. Looks like it was were the four members of The Hoods gang met.

Hood Triumphant: Oliver Queen as The Hood / Green Arrow subdue The Hoods Gang and frees his sister.

Forgiveness: Thea finally visits her mom Moira in prison after her near death experience.

White Knight: Walter Steele saves the day. After Isabel Rochev buys up 5% of the remaining 10%. Steele as CFO for a Starling Bank bankrolls Oliver Queen in scooping up the remaining 5% of the remaining shares. Isabel and Oliver are now partners in running Queen Consolidated.

Starling City Gets A Heroine: Roy Harper, in red hoodie, tries to save a young woman being mugged by a gang. Before he can get in any big saves, a blonder heroines swoops in and takes the gang down with ease. This sure looks like Black Canary to be played by actress Caity Lotz.

What’s In A Name: To honour Tommy’s memory, Oliver decides the City doesn’t need a vigilant or The Hood. It needs a hero. A hero to be named…… [to be continued next week]. So will Oliver be called the Arrow or Green Arrow or something else? Tune in next week.

Flashback: There were also looks back to Oliver’s time trapped on the Island with Shado and Deathstroke / Slade Wilson. The flashbacks were convoluted, but it seems Shado and Oliver are an item, and that the Island is/will be attacked.

Conclusion: An action-packed episode that kicks off Season 2. A new status quo for all the characters.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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