Forever Evil Arkham War #1 Spoilers: The Penguin & The Scarecrow vs. Bane! Who Gets The Upper Hand In Round #1? Arkham Asylum vs. Blackgate!

SPOILERS for Forever Evil Arkham War #1 follows.

You HAVE been warned.

It looks the primary combatants in the war for Gotham City is The Penguin and Scarecrow leading (loose understanding of “leading” BTW) the lunatics from Arkham Asylum who have divvied up Gotham versus Bane. The Batman back-breaker Bane is amassing his band of villains my breakout villains from Blackgate Prison. He also gets his hand on his trump cards in the battle over control of Gotham.

That’s right, Bane plans to use the Talons housed in cryostasis at Blackgate Penitentiary against the Arkhamites. He also by the end of the issue seems to be taking control a few lunatic run Gotham City sectors.

How does The Penguin, the defacto “Mayor” of this New Gotham City respond, with The Scarecrow looking on? Well…

…he starts destroying the bridges into and out of Gotham City and seemingly sacrifices a few sectors to Bane.

So, does Bane really take round #1 or did The Penguin let him?

Certainly Bane getting his hands on the Talons is huge.

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