Superman / Wonder Woman #1 Spoilers: Who Is The Big Bad To Face Our Heroes? Plus Gallery Of All Seven Covers Including Variants! (DC Comics New 52)

DC Comics seems to be going variant happy on its new series. Superman / Wonder Woman #1 had a total of seven covers. They’re included below before we get to the big spoiler for the issue.

A great cover for the issue too that folds out too. Below is the interlocking cover with and without lettering.

SPOILERS now follow for DC Comics New 52’s new ongoing series kick-off in Superman / Wonder Woman #1.

You HAVE been warned!

Following Villains Month, and his feature in Batman / Superman where Doomsday battled with Superman’s badass Kryptonian mom Lara, Doomsday battles another lady in Superman’s life in Superman / Wonder Woman #1.

Things just got real.

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