Comedy Corner: How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Michael J. Fox Show, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory ā€“ Week 3 Reviews

funny fridayWell hello guys! This will be my last Funny Friday for a few weeks, because I am getting married a week from tomorrow! Whooooo! Hopefully my wedding weekend is not recapped ad nauseam like this season of HIMYM.

This week:

  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • Modern Family
  • The Michael J. Fox Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Parks and Recreation

How I Met Your Mother – “The Broken Code”
Really? Marshall via Skype? Honestly, if The Broken CodeJason Segel couldn’t swing showing up for this season of HIMYM, I would have been happier with the show just killing him off. A tragic snowmobiling accident would have sufficed. I can’t tell you how much I hated this episode, and the Barney/Robin/Ted love triangle. When is wifey going to show up?
Best moment: “Comfortable shoes? What are you, fillibustering later?”

New Girl – “The Captain”
This episode was strange, but funny. It was one of New Girl‘s raunchier episodes, and the show has come a long way since it began, when it had no idea how to handle Jess’s sexuality and weirdness. I’m glad that Schmidt’s vendetta against Nick and Jess is over, and hopefully that he’ll begin to deal with the “bad thing” he did. What this episode did well was show how happy Nick and Jess are a month into their relationship, and how they’ll deal with some of their differences. I loved Jake Johnson in this episode, and Nick discovering what it’s like to express feelings. I think the writers need to reel in Winston a little, because it’s getting out of control.
Best moment:
Nick: “It’s Schmidt we’re talking about here. After we saw the movie “Titanic,” he started the Billy Zane Fan Club.”
Jess: “What?!”
Nick: “Look it up. They’re called Zane-iacs.”

The Mindy Project – “Magic Morgon”
I’m rarely a fan of Morgon, so large parts of this episode didn’t work for me. I wish that he’d get phased out of this show, but Mindy and co. are way too obsessed with Ike Barinholtz. With less Morgon, I think there would be more room to enjoy Adam Pally’s new character. But things are feeling a little crowded with both of them.
Best moment: “He surfs. I fear the ocean out of respect.

Modern Family – “Farm Strong”
modern familyI quite liked this episode of Modern Family. Sometimes Mitch and Cam’s storylines can be overly antagonistic, with the two bickering more than they get along. But bringing Cam’s sister into the mix really shook things up, and we got to see Mitch and Cam really have one another’s backs the whole time. And you know what? I’ve complained a lot about New Lily, but her weird, dark side is starting to make me laugh. The other two storylines – Gloria needing glasses and Claire convincing Phil to skip Luke’s soccer game – also worked. This, for me, was Modern Family at its best. A hectic, but loving, family.
Best moment: Phil constantly being reminded about killing a nest of baby birds.

Checking in on The Michael J. Fox Show
I gave it a few episodes, but I had to pull the plug on The Michael J. Fox Show this week. The writing was really bad, and too much time was spent on the kids and the weird aunt. Fox, Betsy Brandy, and Wendell Pierce are great, but they didn’t have the screen time or the writing for this show to work.

The Big Bang Theory – “The Raiders Minimization”
tbbtMy favorite part of this episode, by far, was the Sheldon/Amy storyline. Her ruining of Raiders of the Lost Ark and his attempts for revenge were perfect. But the Leonard/Penny storyline was too weird, particularly when Penny was dressed up in sexy lingerie while Skyping in Leonard’s mom. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart trying online dating was a bit too predictable.
Best moment: “Little House on the Preposterous”

Parks and Recreation – “Doppelgangers”
These parts of the episode were pefect:

  • Vegan Ron.
  • April’s fake valley girl personality.
  • Donna’s new best friend forever. I hope he sticks around.
  • Tom trying to save his job from getting taken over by an efficient computer.

The only place I thought the show stumbled a little was Leslie. She loves Ann and of course she’d be sad about Ann and Chris moving, but the material skewed a little too selfish. It didn’t feel true to the character, and the writing wasn’t funny enough to make up for it.

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