NYCC 2013: Marvel Comics Reveals All-New X-Men/Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover And More!

As Marvel does on a pretty regular basis, they built up to the New York Comic Con with a series of teasers featuring a word and a creative team, with the idea being that they would tell us everything there is to tell at the convention. Well, the convention is upon us, so what do they have in store?


So what do we have here? Brian Bendis, Stuart Immonen, Sara Pichelli, and teasers written over Phoenix fire. Even without Marvel announcing it, the reveal wasn’t exactly a big secret. The All-New X-Men creative team and the Guardians of the Galaxy creative team, and a not dead Jean Grey. The real spoiler is that it confirms that the All-New X-Men will be sticking around post Battle of the Atom, though it also shows that they’re finally getting some updated costumes!


So we’re going to have Jean put on trial on a galactic level for the war crimes of her future self while possessed by the Phoenix. It might seem illogical, but hey, you have to take your pound of flesh where you can find it. I can only imagine that the Guardians aren’t overly pleased with it, and try to help out, if not just because the Galactic Council is making their lives hell in their own book. Still, Bendis is bringing the Shiar back to the X-Men in a very old school way…by taking the X-Men back into space.


And, from the looks of things, without Kitty Pryde. Also, Angel is back with the group after his run with the Uncanny X-Men, who are apparently diving into Inhumanity while the All-New kids go to SPACE!

But what else does Marvel have up their sleeves with the All-New X-Men? Well, how about this teaser showing off someone getting it on with All-New cast member X-23?


All-New X-Men #20 censored


Fresh out of not getting killed in Murderworld (though that hasn’t happened yet), Laura is heading back to the X-titles after spending the past year or two in the Avengers corner (Avengers Academy and Avengers Arena), and she’s getting a little frisky in her All-New costume. But who is the All-New boyfriend?


All-New X-Men #20


Wait, what? Didn’t Scott and Jean just sorta get together to start Battle of the Atom? They’re already splitting up so he can get it on with X-23? Scott Summers found a girl that isn’t a telepath? Blasphemy! I foresee Wolverine and claws and attempted maiming!

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