Review: Eternal Warrior #2 by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine


Eternal Warrior #2

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Trevor Hairsine with Brian Reber and Clayton Crain

Published by: Valiant Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan “Irish Rican” McLelland


Let’s start with if you haven’t read Eternal Warrior #1 I’m not really sure what’s wrong with you.  At all.  It’s written by Greg Pak who wrote one of the best stories EVER published in comic history: Planet Hulk.  It’s drawn by Trevor Hairsine whose art has never, ever looked better.  Lastly it’s published by Valiant who is hands down making the best comic books on the market.  If you haven’t read issue one you should stop reading this and go buy it.  Right now.


Issue 2 picks up right where issue 1 left off with Gilad’s daughter Xaran suddenly showing up at his front door.  It is quite sudden when you take into account that he hasn’t seen her for six thousand years and now she shows up at his hut in the middle of the African boonies.


Xaran is here for her father.  She wants Gilad to join her because she doesn’t want the Eternal Warrior falling into enemy hands.  Gilad does what any normal person would do after his daughter shows up 6,000 years later.  He shrugs her off.  Kids get in trouble and always come running home to Dad.  How bad can it really be?


Gilad would probably just shrug her away until another group shows up calling themselves the Sword of the Wild.  These guys show up on horses as they brandish swords and spears.  This being the boonies of Africa it’s probably not every day you see cloaked guys with swords showing up at your door.  They are there to kill Xaran and nothing is going to get in their way.  Except for the fact that you showed up at the Eternal Warrior’s doorstep.  The man has only been fighting for the last 6,000 years so you know he’s honed his craft a bit.


You might think me a bit nuts for claiming that Greg Pak is a comics god but I’m not backing down from that assertion.  The man knows how to write a story and this story has me completely sucked in.  I want to learn everything there is to know about the Eternal Warrior and this sudden reunion with his daughter really ups the ante, especially with the story told in issue 1.  I also can’t say enough about Hairsine’s stunning artwork which looks leagues above anything he did over at Marvel.


Eternal Warrior is THE book to be reading right now and the second issue only brings into focus how completely outstanding this title is.  Greg Pak IS a comics god, Trevor Hairsine’s art IS phenomenal, and this title IS the book you should be reading.  Get your grubby little mitts on it, sit back, and enjoy.


OVERALL: 10/10

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