Not Just For The Man of Steel 2 Movie Redux! DC Spoils Earth 2 Batman’s Identity In Advance Of Superman vs. Batman Slugfest (DC Comics New 52)

In its teaser images for next month’s Earth 2 #17, DC Comics spoiled the events of the explosive cliffhanger page of the recent Earth 2 #16 issue.

DC Comics seems be at it again.

In touting its new DC Comics New 52 Earth 2 action figures on twitter, DC revealed the identity of the Earth 2 Batman. Accident or deliberate? Seems like an ooops to me.

Spoilers follow. You have been warned!

Wow. Thomas Wayne. Is he the deceased Earth 2 Batman / Bruce Wayne’s father (a la the Flashpoint Batman) or is he Bruce’s brother (a la the Crime Syndicate’s Owlman). Interesting, interesting.

Looks like Injustice: Gods Among Us writer Tom Taylor who takes over with next month’s Earth 2 #17 has a wild ride in store for readers.

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