DVD Review: Flair Bartending & How to Be the Life of the Party

Remember Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown in Cocktail? They became the envy of so many viewers for their acrobatic bartending skills. They didn’t merely pour drinks for customers. They put on a show behind the bar that highlighted the mixing of cocktails. The duo looked so cool with bottles, glasses and fruit flying off their fingers. A generation entered the profession intent on dazzling drinkers with their mixology and juggling skills. Others have harbored the fantasy for decades. The fantasize about being extra snazzy with their pouring skills at their holiday parties. It’s the 25th anniversary of Cocktail so its time to for them live the dream. For those who aren’t ready or don’t have the hours to attend a workshop, the Extreme Team is eager to teach you at home with Flair Bartending. Over the course of 7 hours, the secrets of Cocktail skills are revealed. That seven hours doesn’t include the hours you’ll have to spend practicing at your home bar. Nobody says tossing a liquor bottle around comes naturally.

Scott Young is the lead instructor for this educational series about how to look good while getting people tipsy. The key to his educational principles is that you shouldn’t spill drinks or hold up the line. Cause that’s a great way to upset the bar owner and the customers. He’s ready to train bartenders to be more entertaining and thus increase their tips. This is sensible advice for professional bartenders. These skills can also be put to use by those who merely want to look good while serving up a White Russian during their Christmas party. This is all about putting a little flair in your serving style.
“If you’re going to serve, service with style,” Scott declares. Make that your motto when you crack the seal on the Jimmy Johnson Moonshine bottle.

The motions are broken down and important elements explained so you don’t come off looking like the armless guy who thought he could juggle chainsaws. That’s not saying this is all Betty Crocker easy. This is about training yourself to be the bartender with the snazzy Cocktail moves and not just impersonating one with a couple bar tricks up your sleeve.

How to Be the Life of the Party is a companion DVD that is about bar tricks. Do you have that uncle who enjoys playing games during wedding receptions? He knows how to light a match with one hand or balance an egg on its end. He loves to see you struggle when performing the stunt? Well now you can duplicate his secrets thanks to Scott Young and his crew. There’s three hours of instruction on how to do stick bottle to the wall and make limes disappear. He exposes the key to reading minds. He once more breaks down these tricks so that eventually you can outshine your uncle at the next family gathering. There’s a big section on straw games that you can use to distract little kids at social events. Here’s example of how to make the fish swim the other way.

Flair Bartending and How to Be the Life of the Party are the perfect additions to your Christmas festivities. Both should help you up your game as either bartender or just the drinker. Scott Young makes sure that these concepts aren’t too complicated for a novice that can barely uncork a wine bottle. Everyone can learn from his teachings. There’s a good chance that after watching and studying these videos, you’ll be able to match the bartending skills of Bryan Brown. Nobody can touch Tom Cruise because he was the last barman poet.

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. It appears the have been shot in standard definition video which still allows you to follow the various drink juggling moments without issues. The audio is stereo. There’s not much need for a dynamic mix since it’s basically Scott Young breaking down what’s needed to make the stunt go right.

No bonus features.

Flair Bartending and How to Be the Life of the Party are the ultimate in instructional and educational videos. Viewers learn how to make bartending look cool. They also get to grasp all those tricks that get the “how did you do that” response at parties. These are required viewing if you want to take your Festivus party to the next level.

Shelter Island presents Flair Bartending and How to Be the Life of the Party. Starring: Scott Young. Boxset Contents: 10 hours on 3 DVDs. Released: September 10, 2013.


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