NYCC 2013: Cup O’ Joe Panel With New Uncharacteristic Disney Comics, George Romero, Neil Gaiman & More!

Joe Quesada prefaced the panel by explaining the Cup O’ Joe mission statement; to allow fans and up and comings artists the opportunity to talk to pros about the business.

Then he introduced the panel Axel Alonso, CB Cebulski, Gerry Duggan, Reilly Brown, Alex Maleev (eventually) Tom Brevoort, Dan Slott

First up was the announcement of some upcoming Marvel Infinite Comics titles.

Deadpool: The Gauntlet, the next Infinite Comic. It’s by Gerry Duggan and Reilly Brown. They’ll be introducing an important character in Deadpool’s life. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall on a tablet, he sees your browser tablet.

Disney Kingdoms Seeker of the Weird – Brandon Seifert & Karl Moline. Based on the Museum of the Weird, a disney project/ride that never came to fruition.

Juliette Feld of Feld entertainment. They’re working on Marvel Universe LIVE. Based on what was shown, it appears to be akin to a Cirque show. 25 heroes and villains coming together for an original story. They want to show every character and the aspects that make them unique. Cosmic Cube is involved. It’s a touring show that begins summer 2014.

Fantastic Four and FF both end with issues #16, which also ends Tom Brevoort’s tenure as Fantastic Four editor. Tom was presented with the covers for Fantastic Four #16 by Tom Palmer and one by Mark Bagley. It’s the longest run on Fantastic Four by editor. The variant actually featured Tom on the cover and congratulated him on his achievement.

Empire of the Dead by George A. Romero and Alex Maleev. George A. Romero takes the stage. It’s a zombie story but there are other characters in it, the living dead but not zombies. It’s zombies and vampires trying to survive. It’s set in NYC. It was a story that needed to be set in a Metropolis.

Miracleman is returning. Quesada tossed to a video introduction by Neil Gaiman. To summarize the video, finally after 20 years Marvel is brining Miracleman back into print. Miracleman #25, which is a completed issue will finally be seen. As Gaiman put it “And I’ll finally get to finish that story.” Miracleman coming soon. January 2014. Again, Gaiman claimed “It’s some of my finest work as a young man.” (My take; the implication seemed to be that it would be released in issue form.)

Then the Q&A segment began.

A fan asked about Guardians of the Galaxy and what will make it unique from previous Marvel movies. QUesada replied that it will be unilke any previous Marvel movies, it’ll also be set in space.

A fan asked about Spider-man Family Business and wondered if there were any updates and if it was still coming out. Tom Brevoort offered up that still coming. In April 2014.

George Romero got asked a couple questions; what was his take on running zombies and what was going to make Empire of the Dead good. George A. Romero – Zombies can’t run. It’s nice to make the imagination run wild. The budger for what he’s writing would top WWZ

When is marvel looking to do non-avengers and will Daredevil be a part of it. Joe Q can’t answer that.

A fan, who spent four and a half years plotting and storyboarding a comic story asked for advice on how to break into the industry. CB Cebulski offered up that at this point in time, breaking into comics means making your own. The indie world is the talent pool for the big publishers. Duggan chimed in that spending four and a half years on a single story was way too long, a sentiment that Quesada echoed. Quesada also added that “failure is where you learn.”

Another fan asked how are the Inhiumans going to be incorporated into the Marvel U. Brevoort replied that The Inhuman’s city was blown up, which is a good place to start. Someone also added that they predate heroes so they’ve for a valid claim to whatever they want.

One fan praised Romero and asked for a hug from him, because it was on his bucket list. He got the hug to everyone’s joy and delight. Quesada also requested and got a hug from the fan.

A young woman asked if we’ll ever see a Marvel movie with a female lead Slott told her to support female characters and books. And Quesada cryptically suggested that if she enjoys female protagonists she should watch the next Captain America flick.

Speaking of Cap, another fan asked since Bucky’s going to be a player in Captain America 2, will he be getting a boost in prominence in the Marvel U? Brevoort suggested Bucky could be found in New Invaders, Secret Avengers, Captain America and maybe even a mystery project.

On the topic of the popularity of zombies, George thinks that the zombie resurgence is due to video games rather than subconsious cultural fears.

A lone ROM fan asked about ROM’s return to the Marvel U. Brevoort offered up that ROM probably won’t return because Marvel doesn’t own the rights to ROM.

Another fan asked if the characters Heroes for Hire, Silver Surfer, Dr. Stranger would be coming back? Slott replied that Silver Surfer was just announced, featuring himself and Mike Allred. As far as the others, perhaps things might be in the cards in the future.

A fan pointed out that since Star Lord and Thanos returned to life, might Richard Rider? It was pointed out that both Thanos and Star Lord talked about their resurrection in Guardians of the Galaxy #6. So maybe.

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