Star Trek Into Darkness Spin-Off IDW Comic Star Trek Khan #1 Spoilers: Why Does Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan Noonien Singh Look Nothing Like Ricardo Montalbán?

SPOILERS follow!

It looks like the IDW comic book mini-series “inspired” by the Star Trek Into Darkness film will in part provide an explanation to something glaring in the film basically why Khan Noonien Singh originally looked like an East Indian villain portrayed by Mexican actor Ricardo Montalbán to the current portrayal by Anglo Saxon actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The vehicle or plot device to do this will be a Starfleet trial involving the Captain of the USS Enterprise James T. Kirk.

After this point in the story we are thrown back into Khan’s childhood where he does look decidedly East Indian. IDW’s Star Trek Khan #1 doesn’t explain the physical difference between Cumberbatch and Montalbán Khan, but it begins the tale towards this.

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