Forever Evil’s Suicide Squad #24 Spoilers: 2 Squads? Which Is Harley Quinn’s? Where’s Amanda Waller & Who’s Warrant? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

You may recall from Villains Month’s Detective Comics #23.2 / Harley Quinn #1 and Justice League of America #7.1 / Deadshot #1 that Suicide Squad and A.R.G.U.S. honcho Amanda Waller is trying to get the Suicide Squad back together to face the threat of Forever Evil’s Crime Syndicate after Belle Reve was destroyed and the convicts set free. She recruits Deadshot in one issue and Deadshot in turn recruits Harley Quinn in the other.

Suicide Squad #24 continues Amanda Waller’s recruitment efforts. Once the team is solidified they have their first mission: secure an expected WMD in the war against the Crime Syndicate and Secret Society.

Spoilers follow.

We see a new character take center stage on the cover battling Harley Quinn. Why we have 2 Suicide Squads becomes clear in the issue. Is Amanda Waller expanding the ranks of the Suicide Squad like the 1990’s Blue and Gold X-Men? Well, read on and you’ll find out.

That new character is actually a hero called Warrant. What’s his deal? Glad you asked…

Amanda Waller continues setting up her non-traditional Suicide Squad made up of heroes that in future solicits is referred to as the anti-Suicide Squad, consisting of Power Girl, Steel, Warrant and the Unknown Soldier.

We also have killer James Gordon Jr. and The Thinker with King Shark scheming in the issue. Whose side might they be on? Amanda’s? The Secret Society’s? Their own agendas? Hmmm…

The two teams come face to face on a shared mission for Amanda Waller to secure their super-human WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction… OMAC! But we also learn who is pulling the strings of each of the 2 Suicide Squad teams.

Looks like The Thinker has duped King Shark and the heroes of the anti-Suicide Squad while Amanda Waller is still overseeing Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. Plus we learn that Amanda Waller is trapped in Belle Reve with the risk of having her head blown off by the explosive collar she used to use to keep the Suicide Squad in line back-in-the-day. Pre-New 52, she also used explosive bracelets, but they didn’t turn up in this issue.

This was an AMAZING issue by the new creative team of writer Matt Kindt and artist Patrick Zircher. Intrigue, action, humor. The issue had it all! Can’t wait for next month’s Suicide Squad #25!

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