ROH Reaction of Honor 10.12.13 (Outlaw Inc, Strong, Lethal, Taven)

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The Glimpse:

Adam Cole is the Ring of Honor Champion – How will his reign begin beyond his unwarranted assault of both his challenger and the former Champion?  Jay Lethal makes another attempt at the ROH TV Championship.  Outlaw Inc will be in action in a real match.

The Action:

Match 1:  Adam Page vs ACH

Winner:  Adam Page via pinfall

Page sends ACH to the ropes and gets shouldered to the mat then ACH hits a backflip into an arm drag.  Only the arm drag was necessary.  Page rolls ACH onto his shoulders while in a headlock then gets to his feet and counters a leap frog into a spinebuster for two.  Page hits a huge chop and sends ACH to the ropes for a gut shot and a knee lift then a belly to back for another two count.  ACH shoves off and Page takes chops and a forearm but answers with another knee lift.  ACH elevates to the apron and kicks Page then hits a leaping Paydirt for two.  ACH wants his cradle DDT but Page escapes and hits the standing Shooting Star for two.  Page tries a lift but gets dumped to the floor.  ACH dodges the counter and hits Air Jordan to the delight of the ROH crowd.  ACH heads to the top and hits a high cross body, but Page rolls through and cradles ACH for the win.

Nigel comes out to discuss Death Before Dishonor and the tournament final.  He’s embarrassed by Cole’s actions after the bell.  At Glory By Honor, there will be a two-hour time limit 8 man tag – The ROH Champ, Tag Champs and TV Champ vs their contenders.  As for the contenders, the first member is Michael Elgin.  Jay Briscoe doesn’t seem too happy about this and heads to ringside.  Jay doesn’t care if he isn’t cleared yet, he considers himself a contender.  Jay says Cole did what he did because he’s a bitch.  Jay handed the belt over like a man, but Cole responded in a cowardly fashion, and that’s no good.  Michael Elgin has apparently had enough and hits the ring.  Elgin had Cole beat and reminds the former champion about it.  Elgin reminds Briscoe that he never defended against him, and quiets Briscoe when he interrupts.  Elgin says that he hasn’t had a brother to watch his back his entire career.  He says he’ll go through every champion to get to Cole.  Elgin will fight for his own definition of Honor moving forward.  Briscoe has a claim to the title, Cole HAS the title and Elgin is the uncrowned champion – That’s a three way dance in the making.

Match 2:  Mike Mondo vs Roderick Strong

Winner:  Roderick Strong

Mike Mondo is back until the next time he hurts himself doing some stupid shit in a nothing match.  Super.  Also his hair is shaved, he’s in plain black tights, boots and pads and he looks like he lost 20 lbs in muscle, so he is literally just “a guy” right now.  It’s like looking at the default CAS in a WWE game.

Early quick exchange and a belly to back backbreaker from the Messiah for two.  Roddy goes over Mondo twice and runs into a spinebuster for a two.  Mondo counters strikes into a cravat with knees then a lariat for two.  Mondo drives shoulders into Roddy in the corner and gets another two, then slaps on a chinlock.  Roddy hits kicks and a missile dropkick after escaping then a running knee in the corner.  Roddy puts Mondo up top and hits a superplex for two.  Mondo escapes Death by Roderick but Roddy hits a discus forearm, the jumping knee and the Gibson Driver for the win.

Roddy gives a ra-ra for ROH and then runs down his accomplishments.  He continues that he’s been consistent and that he is Mr. Ring of Honor.

Quick flashback to Manhattan Mayhem when Homicide snapped RD Evans’ finger.  Veda Scott has QT Marshall and Evans in the ring.  Veda, being a cranky heel now, blames Nigel and ROH for Evans’ finger.  Marshall Law is taking on Outlaw Inc.  This is ill advised.

Match 3:  Marshall Law vs Outlaw Inc

Winners:  Outlaw Inc via pinfall

Marshall attacks Kingston in the aisle and Homicide jumps Evans.  Homicide hits a wild boot that knocks Evans to the floor.  Marshall goes after Homicide and boots him.  Homicide escapes a slam but eats a back elbow.  Homicide blocks a clothesline and hits an Ace Crusher.  Evans is left alone and eats the Kingston backfist.  Evans is out cold.  Kingston takes Evans up and he takes a Doomsday Device bulldog.

Kingston says they’re here to help clean up ROH, despite snapping people’s fingers – Like they just did to Evans again.  Kingston has business with “The Red Dragons” and calls their “snowflake” asses to the ring.  Nothing comes of it and they’re cleared during a commercial break.  Cool waste of time.

Match 4:  Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven (c), ROH TV Championship

Winner:  Matt Taven via pinfall

Oh hey Scarlett is back.  Now Taven has all three women with him.  Why bother with the manager or the wrestler at this point?  All the crowd wants is the women.

Taven has really run his course as TV Champion.  The gimmick is lame and something needs to change.  Lethal being a lower champion again doesn’t elevate him, but everyone loves a Jay Lethal match.  Taven bails to the floor right away.  Lethal feints getting tripped and blames Martini, so the ref tosses all 4 of the long hairs.  Lethal unloads on Taven in the ring as they march to the back.  Hip toss and the low drop kick as Taven hits the floor.  Lethal hits a suicide dive and tosses the TV Champ back in the ring.  Taven bails to the floor and Lethal hits suicide dive #2.  Taven is in and back out again and stops the third attempt, but Lethal hits a triangle jump dropkick and another suicide dive.  Sean Radican is gnashing his teeth right now and ROH goes to commercial.

Back to action, Lethal dives into a rope-hung swinging neckbreaker for a two count.  Kevin Kelly is STILL debating with himself if Martini should have been kicked out.  Who cares?  They always interfere so it’s for the better.  Taven hits a russian leg sweep and gets two while Nigel convinces Kelly that it was for the better…Todd Sinclair could have left one of the Hotties though.  Lethal fights out of a headlock but runs into a dropkick for a nearfall.  Taven hits a stalling suplex and kips up to his feet but whiffs a fist drop so the men exchange strikes from their knees.  Taven grounds Lethal, but he resists a whip to the corner then reverses one.  Taven rolls and hits an enzuigiri for two.  Taven boots Lethal in the head and demands he stay down, but Lethal won’t hit the mat.  Lethal strikes back but runs into a clothesline.  Taven tries a quebrada but lands on Lethal’s knees.  Both men get up at the same time and exchange rights.  Lethal hits a forearm and a clotheline then the Lethal Combination for two.  Taven counters a suplex and tries a roll up with his feet on the ropes but Lethal escapes.  He tries the Lethal Injection but gets kicked in the back of the head for two.  Taven wants Angel Wings but Lethal rolls through for a low super kick and it’s only good for two.  Lethal scoop slams Taven and heads to the top rope for Hail to the King, but he takes a ludicrous amount of time to do so.  Taven takes advantage and boots Lethal.  Taven meets him up top and wants a superplex, but Lethal resists.  Taven drops and ends up in the tree of woe – Lethal flips down and dropkicks Taven after he sits up.  Lethal wants a Torture Rack out of the corner, but Taven grabs the ropes and slips down to hit the Climax for the win.

The Reaction:

Fast but clean finish.  Protects both guys as Page wins but ACH suffers a roll up, which for some reason means less than eating a finisher and a pinfall.  ACH got to hit a high spot that everyone loves.  I see this being a series of matches moving forward.

As far as the whole “getting to another gear”, Strong is one of the best around.  Once he gets really moving, he’s so exciting.  That was a very decisive win for Roddy.  Mondo seemed to be getting a bit of a push last time we saw him, but I guess that train’s left the station.

I still don’t get the horror music and stupid clown masks.  It’s not adding to the act when everyone knows who they are.  Homicide attacks the already injured hand of Evans because they’re mean.  Nothing annoys me more than someone getting his opponent’s name wrong.  It’s disrespectful, especially when they’re the current champs.  Kingston calls them “snowflakes”, but if the situation were reversed, folks would be up in arms.  Nobody wins here and the dummy fans cheering these guys for this act is no good.  The “cool heel” is a problem all throughout the indy world and it causes issues for these guys as they try to make it in the “big leagues”.

So Taven wins clean with no interference.  So he doesn’t need the four people that draw a paycheck just to walk to the ring with him.  That looks…silly.  Jay Lethal consistently loses after playing to the crowd and doing other silly stuff, so I don’t know what his deal is.  After six months they allow Taven to stand strong on his own.  I can only assume this means he’ll be soon to break from the Hoopla because pro wrestling.  Maybe he stays with Kasey Rae, since they’re actually involved.

The Preview:

Who knows?

The Shill:

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