CB’s Slant: Is This The End for TNA Impact Wrestling? It Sure Seems Like It!

This past Sunday at TNA Bound for Glory 2013, TNA Wrestling had a puncher’s chance at putting on a solid show that could have reminded the fans who still watch that the Company can still be a satisfying alternative to WWE.

Instead, we got a show that was disjointed at best and painstakingly atrocious at its worst, and it honestly makes me think that TNA Wresting is about to close up shop for good.

Why do I say this? Because on a night where they could have hit a home run, TNA either botched or overbooked every single match.

It all started on the pre show, when the freakin’ BroMans knocked Bad Influence off the card, and from there I knew it was going to be an awfully long night, with heavy emphasis on the word awful.

To make matters worse, TNA then trotted out Christopher Daniels and Kazarian back out there on the main show, not to take back their title shot but to get taken out by Abyss.

You also had a ladder being added to Ultimate X, which really nullifies the whole mystifying part of the match, and the finish was so bad you couldn’t even make it up. That’s right, Chris Sabin tricked Velvet Sky into helping him get a cheap win, and this just screamed “REFUND”.

I could go on and on about Bound for Glory, like how Kurt Angle DECLINED a months-long planned induction into TNA’s Hall of Fame, then loses weirdly after an actual good match on the show.

Or how the BroMans then actually won the tag titles.

Or how this show just seemed hollow in terms of the arena being empty, the crowd that was there being lackluster, and even the two victories by Gail Kim and AJ Styles just seemed to be more muddled than they needed to be.

And now, with TNA going off the road and heading back to the Impact Zone for 6 weeks worth of tapings in November, and with an audience that is still not growing, I just wonder:

Is this the end of TNA that we will be watching for the remainder of 2013?

It sure looks like that to me, and that’s coming from someone who has really tried to root for TNA, who went into this past Sunday with an optimistic eye … until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s all from me — CB.

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