Justice League #24 Spoilers: Top 5 With Earth 3 Smallville, Nightwing, Forever Evil #3 Spoilers & More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

In addition to Justice League Dark #24, spoilers for that issue here, Justice League #24 also hit stands today and had some interesting DC Comics New 52 developments. Below are the Top 5 spoilers from the issue.

Spoilers follow.

5. Earth 3 Smallville

The preview pages from DC Comics New 52’s Justice League #24 gave readers a glimpse of Ultraman’s Earth 3 Krypton origins. The issue also shows what happens after Kal-il’s rocket lands in Earth 3 Smallville. This is a VERY different Ma and Pa Kent.

4. Crime Syndicate Earth 3 Origins

The issue also gives readers a view of how the Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate’s villains gained their powers and/or how they met each other.

3. Owlman’s Obsession

The issue pivots to modern-day DC Comics New 52 and the Crime Syndicate in command of the Earth and the Justice Leagues still MIA. Nightwing’s life was spared by Owlman as part of a tit-for-tat with Ultraman in Forever Evil #2. Owlman’s obsession with Nightwing continues in Justice League #24 and sets up Forever Evil #3.

2. Ultraman vs. The Daily Planet

In modern-day DCU, Ultraman heads to The Daily Planet. He is disgusted by Jimmy Olsen who is not as cutthroat on Prime Earth as his doppleganger was on Earth 3; however Jimmy still has a heroic moment that leads into a big Forever Evil #3 story beat (see the #1 spoiler on this list below). In addition, the Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman is Earth 3’s Lois Lane and married to Ultraman, someone who actually despises her. Ultraman has “interesting” plans for Superman’s Lois Lane.

1. Ultraman vs. Black Adam

Jimmy Olsen was able to activate his Superman communicator watch. However Superman is MIA, but another Superman-level power-wise character responds: the “villain” Black Adam of Shazam lore! This leads into Forever Evil #3 that ships in November and to which DC released a teaser preview page featuring the continuing battle between Ultraman and Black Adam.

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