TNA Title Spoilers!

According to PWInsider, because AJ Styles “left” with the TNA World Heavyweight Title at the end of the October 24 Impact, this Thursday on Halloween Impact Dixie Carter is going to announce a tournament thing for the now-“vacant” title. There’ll be a match to decide an entrant this week, and then the tournament proper will start on November 7. The usual suspects will be involved – Aries, Joe, Magnus, Hardy et al – to crown a new “champion”.


My 2 cents: I say, old chap, doesn’t this all seem… I don’t know… vaguely familiar? Note to TNA: You don’t have to copy every single thing WWE does! And, worse, WWE copied ROH, so you’re not even getting sloppy seconds, you’re getting turgid thirds. And AJ Styles is by far the most over person in TNA right now… so are you going to keep him off television? Seriously? I’ve also read reports on less reputable websites that the plan is for him to do a string of indy dates with the TNA title.

Here’s what I see happening – to further legitimise the story, TNA actually grants AJ Styles a release, and, to their horror, suddenly he appears on RAW with the TNA belt. If everyone’s ripping off old storylines, might as well have AJ rip off the Pillman storyline and then WWE can add the Madusa/Alundra Blayze one as well. Hey, it’s been more than 10 years – those stories are both fair game! Everyone can join in the storyline ripoff fun! And then TNA can ripoff ECW’s 2001 storyline!

What happened to, I don’t know, original thinking?

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