Inside Pulse WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 Live Coverage Report: Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell 2013! Keep it here for all the match-by-match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS!

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The Kickoff panel consists of Josh Mathews, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and Kaitlyn. Renee Young is in the Social Media Lounge. Use the hashtag #hellinacell to join the discussion on Twitter.

Big E Langston joins the panel since his match with Curtis Axel has been cancelled due to Axel’s injury. When The Shield comes on for an interview, Big E challenges Dean Ambrose to put the United States Title on the line.

In the Kickoff Match, Damien Sandow pinned Kofi Kingston.

tag title match

Goldust and Jey start the match. The two brother tandems tag in and out and trade momentum in the early going. The Shield get in on the action and they isolate Goldust. After several minutes of abuse Goldust is able to drill Reigns with a DDT. Rollins tags and knocks Cody off the apron. Reigns tags in and Goldust is able to low bridge the top rope ands end him to the floor. Goldust tries to tag an Uso but Rollins and Reigns each pull one of them to the floor. Reigns drops Goldust with a uranage slam and Cody has to break up the pin. Moments later Goldust is finally able to make the hot tag to his brother. Cody is a house afire, hitting Rollins with a beautiful moonsault press for two. The Usos tag in and now they try to put the Shield away. Bodies continue to fly around both in and out of the ring, as the action continues at a breakneck pace. Cody and Rollins fight on th etop rope, and Rhodes delivers a superplex to the floor right on top of Goldust, Reigns, and an Uso. Back in the ring Cody covers Rollins but an Uso breaks up the pin with a splash off the top rope. Cody is able to hit Rollins with the Cross-Rhodes to get the pin in about 15 minutes.


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The Miz makes his way out, even though we learned on the preshow that Miz is not medically cleared to compete here tonight. He challenges Bray Wyatt to leave the Bushwhackers behind and come out and fight him RIGHT NOW. Wyatt shows up on the Titan Tron and taunts Miz. Of course when the lights come back on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are in the ring to deliver the beat down. From out of nowhere, KANE’s music hits and the Big Red Machine is back! Kane dumps both Harper and Rowan to the floor, and then hits Miz with a Chokeslam!

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In a bonus match, Fandango & Summer Rae will take on The Great Khali & Natalya. This is Summer’s first official WWE match. The men start it off and Khali dominates. The women tag in and go back and forth, with Summer surprisingly holding her own. Summer hits a dropkick and gloats too much, so Natalya makes her pay for it. Hornswoggle makes fun of Fandango and Khali comes to the rescue. Fandango goes low and starts working Khali’s knee. Khali fights back so Fandango tags out. That’s a real man right there. Natalya dominates but Summer is able to pull her into the ropes. Summer grabs a quick rollup to get the pin in about 5 minutes.

WINNERS – Fandango & Summer Rae

Cole, Lawler, and JBL kick it over to the Kickoff Show panel, who analyze the show so far and talk about what’s to come.

In another bonus match, the United States Title is on the line! Dean Ambrose is defending against Big E Langston. Ambrose has been the Champion since 5.19.13, and this is his ninth defense. (8:46)The champ trash talks Langston and gets clobbered for it. Langston goes for quick covers and dominates the opening moments. He dumps Ambrose to the floor and the Champion may be injured. Ambrose is able to get a cheap shot in and now he has control. He focuses on the arm, which is smart with a man as powerful as Big E Langston. After a few minutes of Ambrose in control, Langston fights back with a flurry of offense. Langston goes for a big splash but Ambrose moves. Undaunted, Langston hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Langston connects on a second splash attempt but again Ambrose kicks out. He goes for the Big Ending but Ambrose slips out and tries to take a walk. Langston says No Way Bro and throws the Champion back in the ring. Ambrose takes a cheap shot and then hits a DDT for two. He charges into the corner but misses and hits nothing but post. Langston throws caution to the wind with a Spear that sends them both flying to the floor! That was awesome. Langston makes it back to the ring but Ambrose gets counted out.

WINNER – Big E Langston

Langston is angry, so he throws Ambrose back in the ring and hits him with the Big Ending. He holds the title up and he appears to have won the crowd over.

punk v rybac & heyman

This is the twenty-seventh Hell in a Cell match, and Punk is coming in with a 1-3 record. Ryback is 0-1, having lost to Punk at last year’s event. Heyman is making his first appearance as a wrestler, but was involved as a manager in two prior Hell in a Cell matches. Ryback comes out on his own, and then Heyman comes out on a lift for some reason. The idiot driving the lift doesn’t know what he’s doing. Heyman cuts a promo on Punk as he is lifted to the roof of the Cell.

The crowd is irritated that Heyman is not in the ring. Punk and Ryback wage war, and Ryback is soon using his destructive power to hurl Punk repeatedly off the cage walls. Ryback is firmly in control in the opening minutes. Punk fights back and hits the double ax handle off the top rope to the floor. He finds a table but Ryback slugs him before he can do anything with it. Ryback continues the punishment. Punk perseveres and takes the big man off his feet. The table finds its way into the ring and Punk gets dropped crotch-first on the table propped on its side. Heyman really enjoyed that. Ryback sets the table up but before he can do anything Punk delivers a low blow. That puts Ryback on the table and Punk goes up top. Punk hits the elbow to break the table. He follows with Go 2 Sleep to get the pin in about 14 minutes.


Punk grabs a kendo stick and starts climbing the Cell! He gets up top and toys with Heyman, knowing he’s got him trapped. Punk destroys Heyman with the kendo stick and then delivers Go 2 Sleep!

Backstage – Renee Young is with Daniel Bryan, who will face Randy Orton in the Hell in a Cell later on tonight. Bryan reminds everyone that the Yes Phenomenon started in this very building the night after WrestleMania XXVIII. He promises to reward this audience tonight by winning the WWE Championship.

matadores vs americans

Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro have Zeb Colter with them, while Los Matadores have El Torito in their corner. Colter cuts his usual racist promo and away we go. Cesaro and Diego start the match. Los Matadores briefly control the early going, but the Americans cut them off and keep them grounded. Cesaro executs the Cesaro Swing. They go back and forth for a bit and Los Matadores are able to pick up the win. They also embarrass their opponents and Zeb Colter after the match just for fun.

WINNERS – Los Matadores

adr vs cena

Del Rio has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is his fifth defense. The Champ wisely goes right after the injured arm, which is the smartest thing he could do. Cena gets aggressive, knowing that he can’t play defense as well as he normally can with a weakened limb. Every time Cena tries to fight back Del Rio goes back to the arm. Damien Sandow is watching on in the back with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Del Rio hits a Backstabber but only gets two. Cena responds with a DDT for a near-fall. A series of reversals ends with Del Rio hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two-count. More stuff happens and Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker but Cena rolls through to the STF. Del Rio reaches the ropes. The Champ hits a low superkick for two. Del Rio goes back to the Cross Armbreaker and Cena powerbombs his way out of it. Cena then hits the Attitude Adjustment to get the pin.

WINNER, and NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – John Cena, third World Heavyweight Title, 14th World Title overall

Survivor Series comes to pay-per-view from Boston on November 24. The Kickoff Panel talks about the show again.

divas title

AJ Lee has Tamina Snuka in her corner, while Brie Bella has her sister Nikki Bella with her. AJ has been the Champion since 6.16.13, and this is her fifth defense. Both women are aggressive in the early going, but AJ is just a little bit more devious and she takes the early control. Some stuff happens and Nikki winds up in a brawl with Tamina on the floor. Brie inadvertently knocks Nikki off the apron, and AJ locks on the Black Widow to get the win in about six minutes.


Backstage, the Prime Time Players are playing WWE 14, and Bob Backlund interrupts them with a lecture about the children. We end up with Backlund doing the “Millions of Dollars” dance, which is awesome.

Elsewhere, Triple H and Shawn Michaels exchange terse words before the main event. Michaels of course neglects to tuck in his referee shirt.

orton vs bryan

This is the twenty-eighth Hell in a Cell match; Orton comes in with a 2-2 record (victories over John Cena in ’09 and Sheamus in ’10, losses to Undertaker in ’05 and Mark Henry in ’11), Bryan is making his debut. The WWE Championship has been held in abeyance since 9.16.13, and this will be the second match to determine a new Champion. Triple H comes out to show off the belt before the match. Both men are aggressive and go for big moves in the opening minutes. Orton hits the snap scoop powerslam and Bryan hits a missile dropkick. Orton cuts Bryan off and works him over. Bryan reverses a whip and sends Orton into the steel steps. The momentum continues to shift but Orton controls the bulk of the match, as he is much more experienced in this environment. Bryan hits a nice sunset bomb and both men are down. They rise and trade strikes while the crowd chants YES for Bryan and NO for Orton. Bryan hits two straight IEDs and then unleashes more kicks. He goes up top and hits the diving headbutt for two. Bryan tries the Yes Lock but Orton is able to slip out. I like that they point out that rope breaks do nothing in a No Disqualification atmosphere. Outside the ring Bryan whips Orton into the cell wall repeatedly. Bryan hits another IED and then brings out a steel chair. He hits Orton with it several times and then throws a collection of chairs into the ring. Back in the ring Orton cuts Bryan off with a thumb to the eye. Orton assaults Bryan with chairs now. He goes up for a superplex and Bryan lands on a pile of chairs! That was cool, but it only gets a two-count. Triple H comes down to argue with Michaels, and Orton is upset too. Back to the match, Orton hits the Rope-hung DDT. Orton coils for the RKO but Bryan shoves him off right into Michaels, knocking him out. Bryan hits the Knee That Beat John Cena. he tries to wake Michaels up and Triple H makes his way into the cell and throws Bryan down. That angers Bryan, so he hits Triple H with the Knee That Beat John Cena. Michaels then hits Bryan with Sweet Chin Music and counts his student out at about 24 minutes.


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