Green Lantern Annual #2 Spoilers: Lights Out Culminates With A Massive Change For Emotional Spectrum! Plus What Is Relic’s New Gods Inspired Fate? (DC Comics In Review)

Lights Out, the DC Comics New 52 Green Lantern Family event culminates with Green Lantern Annual #2. The Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, New Guardians and Red Lantern chapters end here.

Surprisingly, despite being part of this publishing sub-family, Larfleeze’s ongoing DC New 52 title was not part of Lights Out. Oh, and no GL Simon Baz either; presumably caught up in the Trinity War fallout and Forever Evil.

The main villain of Lights Out got an interesting Villains Month spotlight in Green Lantern #23.1 Relics #1 that teased a New Gods connection. Following that, Relic devestated the GLC to kick-off Lights Out.

It all ends, figuratively and literally for some, here in Green Lantern Annual #2!

Spoilers follow.

Well, it looks like all the emotional spectrum avatars, with the exception of the yellow light’s Parallax, gave their energy to resupply the life-force of the universe. Disaster averted.

Kyle Rayner, THE White Lantern is a key reason Relic is vanquished and the universe saved. This confirms Relics’ fate as becoming one of many other beings stuck on the Source Wall, from Jack Kirby New Gods / Fourth World infamy. Kyle also seemingly sacrifices his life in the effort.

In addition, with Oa presumably destroyed, an actual Green Lantern becomes the home for the Green Lantern Corps. However, not all GLs are happy with realization that using the green light of will depletes the light energy of the universe and contributes to its eventual destruction. Resignations coming under Hal Jordan’s tenure as top dog in the GLC?

In the end we learn that Kyle Rayner, as THE White Lantern, survives his Source Wall experience, but his resurrection must remain a secret. Hmmm. I wonder why.

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