NXT Yellow Ropes Report 10.30.13 (Amore, English, Paige, Breeze)

The Glimpse:

Sylvester LeFort steps into the ring for the first time and CJ Parker wants his hair back from Tyler Breeze.  Aiden English graces us with his presence (and an encore!) then NXT Women’s Champion Paige renews her battle with Summer Rae.

The Action:

Match 1: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs Alexander Rusev & Sylvester LeFort

Winners: Alexander Rusev (& Sylvester LeFort, technically)

Enzo is the first thing we see on this show, and that’s just fine.  LeFort’s guys are backfighters, they have no back bone…they’re boneless.  They’re chicken tenders.  Odd that nobody makes a big deal over LeFort being so willing to fight, or the fact that he’s in great shape.

Rusev and Cass kick it off and Rusev bludgeons him.  Cass tries to fight back but Rusev grounds him.  Rusev tosses Amore into the ring and bodies him in the ropes, bringing LeFort in to celebrate.  Rusev grabs him and bodies him as well for some reason.  Rusev straps on the Accolade and Cass taps out quickly.

The mystery blonde is back on the ramp.  Rusev walks out with her.

Match 2: Aiden English vs Jason Jordan

Winner: Aiden English via pinfall

English continues to bring us a new song each week and we’re all better for it.

Jordan with waistlock takedowns and English manages a rope break and a sneaky back elbow.  English hits a swinging neckbreaker and repeated elbows.  Jordan is out at one and sent to the corner.  English with a sleeper (and he sings a lullaby as he does it) but Jordan throws him off.  Jordan with a high dropkick off the ropes, but he runs into an elbow and then takes The Director’s Cut (guess it’s not “take a bow” anymore) and the artiste wins it.

Match 3:  Paige (NXT Women’s Champion) vs Summer Rae

Winner:  Paige via pinfall

Sasha Banks is in tow, so shenanigans can be expected.

Paige goes right to Summer’s hair and tosses her.  Another hairmare and Summer Rae bails to the floor so that Sasha can comfort her.  Paige tries to baseball slide them and they move.  Summer uses Sasha as a human shield so Paige tosses her aside.  Summer with a cheap show but Paige ends up sunset flipping her back into the ring.  Paige tags Summer with a headbutt then runs her into the turnbuckle.  Paige gets a two count then throws a headbutt (much to the delight of Regal).  Paige stomps away at Summer and gets a two count.  Sasha grabs Paige’s foot and promptly gets ejected.

Back from a commercial, Paige is still in control and throws Summer to the corner.  Paige is elevated to the apron but Summer trips her to the floor.  Summer rolls her back in and gets a two then locks up Paige’s legs.  Rolls back and forth for pinfall attempts then Summer throws Paige to the mat face first and gets another two count.  Summer bumrushes Paige and gets caught and suplexed for two.  Paige with a series of shortarm clotheslines and a dropkick but Summer kicks out at two.  Paige mulekicks Summer and hits the Paigeturner for the win.

Sasha hits the ring and beats on Paige, but Emma makes the save.  Paige goes to congratulate Emma on a vicious streak/thank her but she turns around and blasts Paige with a right hand, thinking it was Summer Rae.  Second time these girls have hit each other by accident.  Pro wrestling history indicates this may be the beginning of a rivalry!

Pre-taped promo from Luke Harper indicating that Kassius Ohno will be his new play thing.

Match 4:  Tyler Breeze vs CJ Parker

Winner:  CJ Parker via pinfall

Oh, ok Breeze got his phone back.  Now Parker will attempt to get his hair back.

Parker chases Breeze around and back into the ring, but Breeze blocks the attempt to throw him into the turnbuckle.  Parker manages it the second time and stalks Breeze.  Breeze ducks when he expects a punch to the face and gets his back hammered.  Parker with a vertical suplex for one.  Chops from Parker now and Breeze crawls away from an attempt at the corner 10 punch.  Parker dives after him with a crossbody for a nearfall then tags Breeze with a headbutt.  Time for the Parker airplane spin (which the crowd boos) and Breeze can’t get to his feet.  Parker wants his palm strike so Breeze bails to the floor and to a commercial.

Back to action, Parker takes Breeze over with a belly to back.  Breeze dodges a face strike yet again then tosses Parker off the middle rope.  Repeated knee drops to the head of Parker but only good for two.  Breeze stands on Parker’s face and neck and finds time for a selfie.  Breeze lays into Parker with boots in the corner then stomps his gut for a two count.  Breeze with a chinlock that Parker works to fight out of.  Up to his feet, Parker runs Breeze into the corner but gets booted in the face for his trouble.  Breeze heads up top and Parker gives him the old Ric Flair toss off the ropes.  Parker motions to his face again, wanting to mess up Breeze’s face as retribution.  Double leg take down and some right hands, followed by Parker clotheslines and a Harlem Sidekick for two.  Breeze manages a chin breaker and wants a piledriver, but Parker counters.  Parker then dodges the Beauty Shot and hits Breeze with his palm strike, The Third Eye, to win it.

Parker grabs Breeze’s shears but the Gorgeous one escapes before he loses any of his golden locks.

The Reaction:

Well that was unexpected.  Must have been a sudden decision, since this had no real build unless we’re just playing Rusev as a big, dumb monster owned by the pretty lady.  We shall see moving forward.  Not really a match to speak of, but Amore continues to be entertaining on the mic.

Even in a squash match, the gimmick is fun, but the “smart” crowd that attends NXT definitely is not giving Aiden the heel response he’s supposed to warrant.  Regardless, I enjoy watching this far more than any Khali or Aksana match, I can say that much.  Plus catching a rose out of blowing a kiss was just impressive.

Summer has improved, but in a match with someone like Paige who has been wrestling as long as she has, she’s a bit exposed that she can’t run a full match.  There are times where she seems to get caught not knowing how to progress a match and we get a really oddly positioned or timed pinfall.  Now this isn’t a terrible thing.  This is what NXT is for.  You work out the kinks in your game and then you move on.  They’ve already allowed Summer to wrestle on a PPV and a Raw, and that’s a vote of confidence (unlike when they sent Eva Marie out there specifically to humble her supposed ego).  I imagine that this budding feud between Paige and Emma will be a way to get the title off Paige and she’ll be the next Diva up to the main roster.

That was somewhere between a serious match and a comedy match.  That palm strike has goofy signature move written all over it.  That’s absolutely not a finisher; it’s a high five.  I dig Breeze’s gimmick.  It’s goofy and over the top, but you can hate a runway walking pretty boy; and we’re supposed to.  Parker on the other hand is goofy and over the top, but nobody will get behind him as a babyface because it’s a stupid gimmick and people inherently dislike hippies.  That’s such a key difference and why one “stupid on paper” gimmick can work and entertain the hell out of us while the other is destined to bomb.  Add in the face that Breeze has an entertaining entrance while Parker skip-dances down and it’s just more and more evidence.  Good match, but I suspect this rivalry will continue.

The Preview:

Luke Harper chases down his new play thing in Kassius Ohno, plus Sylvester LeFort has apparently agreed to take on Rusev one on one.

The Shill:

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