The Ultimate Fighter (Team Tate vs. Team Rousey) – Season 18, Episode 9 “Sacrifice” Recap, Review

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The final two fights of the first round are up tonight. Anthony Gutierrez is scheduled to take on Cody Bollinger to complete the men’s bracket and Sarah Moras clashes with Peggy Morgan to complete the women’s half of things. As always I’m here to walk you through this week’s episode; last week was a recap of the entire season and thus really didn’t need warrant it.

A big thing has been made all year of someone getting tossed off the show because they can’t make weight. It’s either Gutierrez or Bollinger at this point; they’re showing footage of Morgan/Moras across the cage from one another and none of Gutierrez/Bollinger. We’ll find out early because the women are billing as fighting after, not before, their male counterparts.

We pick up where we left off with the aftermath of Episode 7, with Michael Wooten taking a unanimous decision over Josh Hill. Bollinger and Gutierrez are friends, apparently. Bollinger is perceived as the best fighter in the house, as well. Gutierrez declares himself a ‘gamer’ and Ronda proclaims him to have improved tremendously within the house.

Bollinger is having a rough time making weight as they focus a lot on his weight issues. Four hours before weigh in he’s five pounds or so over. Apparently Cody fights at featherweight, normally, and looking at his record he’s fought a lot of guys at 145 and lightweight.

Bollinger tried but couldn’t make the weight and gives up at about 140 or so. He’s now this season’s Sam Alvey; a guy who shouldn’t have gone on the show at a weight class below what he made on a regular basis beforehand. The house becomes a tough way to try and make a new weight class, it seems.

Anthony Gutierrez wins via default as Bollinger becomes the first fighter since Gabe Ruediger to get tossed from the show for missing weight that I can recall. He can either make weight again, and fight someone new, or take the forfeit. He takes the forfeit win and moves on to the semifinals.

Now it’s time to build up the women’s fight. These are the two biggest women in the house, apparently. Moras is a grappler, apparently, with a 3-1 record coming in. She’s gotten the finish in every fight. Morgan’s 2-0 with both via decision.

Morgan is a professor who got into MMA to get into shape. Same with Moras, who’s boyfriend was a fighter apparently. Both make weight … now it’s time for the fight.

Round 1: Moraes gets the best standing and then goes for a takedown. Can’t finish the double but gets the takedown after some work against the cage. Not a lot of action as Moras is grinding her on the ground. She takes mount, lands some big ground and pound, then finishes with an armbar. Sara Moras wins via armbar at 4:38 of the first round

The semi-finals are set. All eight fighters get to pick who they want to fight.

Women: Julianna Pena, Jessica Rakoczy, Racquel Pennington, Sara Moraes
Men: Chris Holdsworth, David Grant, Michael Wooten, Anthony Gutierrez

The matchups for the semi-finals gets made between Dana, Ronda and Miesha.

Julianna Pena vs. Sara Moraes
Racquel Pennington vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Chris Holdsworth vs. Michael Wooten
Anthony Gutierrez vs. David Grant