Bellator 106 Roundable Discussion – Predictions On Main Card Fights

It was supposed to be the attempt at changing the game on the UFC. Bellator was supposed to be holding a PPV with two of the biggest UFC stars ever headlining. Unfortunately one cracked neck from Tito Ortiz and what was probably going to be the most overlooked card of the year is now on Spike TV and a candidate for best cable TV card of the year.

With the card being eminently reshuffled, with a handful of prelims shunted onto the main card, we’re only going to focus on the three main card fights that matter for this week’s roundtable prediction. Joining me this week are:

Luke Cho-Yee, British Correspondent at large
Ryan Frederick, Staff Writer

Bellator Lightweight Championship  –

Michael Chandler (c) vs. Eddie Alvarez

Sawitz: The first fight was an absolute war; I DVR’d it and went to the bar for Rua/Henderson, figuring I’d catch up with it in the next week. And then my phone started blowing up as the Chandler/Alvarez fight went about, necessitating me watching it at 1am because I couldn’t get to sleep without having seen it. I like Alvarez but I think Chandler has his number. Chandler

Frederick: Their first fight is required viewing for any fan of the sport- it truly is one of the best fights to have ever taken place. Both men are studs and super exciting fighters, and if the rematch is as good as the first encounter, it’s going to be a hell of a fight. The biggest key to me is the time off that Alvarez has gone through and the legal battle to see where he was gonna fight next. It may be the biggest motivator for him. Chandler has been on quite a tear and has been finishing fights, and he has the edge in that he has beaten Alvarez before. This one is tough for me to pick, but I’m taking Alvarez as the underdog here. Alvarez

CY: Since that epic first encounter their careers have taken completely different trajectories with Chandler now the Bellator standard bearer and Alvarez in the role of ugly step child. I expect another entertaining battle but give the edge to Chandler who has looked better and better in each defence of his title, while Alvarez, who hasn’t fought for more than a year, may find that lack of activity could prove his undoing. Chandler

Bellator Featherweight Championship –

Daniel Strauss vs. Patrick Curran (c)

Sawitz: Daniel Strauss is a really good fighter but I think Curran is the best featherweight in the world not named Jose Aldo. Strauss will make this closer than we think but I wouldn’t be shocked if Curran stops him in the third round or so. Curran

Frederick: Curran is the real deal at 145 pounds and has the chance to stay on top of that division for a long time. He is extremely well-rounded and has been on quite a tear. Straus has shown flashes of being great but has been out for over a year. These guys have fought before and Curran won by knockout. That gives him the mental edge, and being better everywhere except maybe the clinch game gives Curran the physical edge as well. He gets the win. Curran

CY: Tournament winner Strauss has impressed during his path toward the belt but so has the Champion. I regard Curran as one of the better 145ers outside of the UFC and I believe him to be too strong in all facets of the game. Look for him to set up Straus standing by peppering him with strikes before winding up on top and finding the finish. Curran

Bellator Interim Light Heavyweight Championship –

Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton

Sawitz: Mo Lawal probably set back his pro wrestling career a hundred fold when he got knocked out by the relatively unknown Newton. Since then he’s come back and had some big wins BUT the problem remains. Lawal’s chin is good but he can put down by big time hitters. Newton’s never been known as one but he has Mo’s scalp on his wall of trophies. For some reason I think he does it again. Newton.

Frederick: As Newton showed when they fought the first time, one punch can change everything. Lawal was expected to run right through him but Newton knocked him out and was the unlikely winner. I don’t see lightning striking twice, but Lawal’s chin is definitely questionable after being knocked out by Newton. However, that is the biggest motivational tool for Lawal, and he wants to avenge that loss. I think he’ll be successful. Lawal

CY: The grudge match of the night. Newton is another fighter who has made great strides and has really excelled in Bellator’s tournament format yet I question whether he has improved enough to spring the upset for a second time. King Mo is a top contender in any organisation and I expect him to make a statement and erase the memory of that embarrassing defeat he suffered to Newton. Muhammed Lawal

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