Current Rumored Booking Plans for WWE Survivor Series PPV Sunday 11.14.2013

The latest news on the planned booking for WWE Survivor Series 2013 Sunday 11/14/13 is as follows:

–The show is approximately 80 percent confirmed

–Randy Orton vs. Big Show for the WWE Title is very likely in place

–The Shield and The Real Americans vs. The Usos and The Rhodes Family

–In some form or another, The Wyatt Family against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

–Dean Ambrose vs. Big E Langston for the U.S. Title

–There will likely be no more than two traditional Survivor Series matches, using either some of the above configurations or ones not yet known such as using the Divas for one of these slots. Also, John Cena may end up in a traditional SurSer match depending on his elbow.

–And brace yourselves, it looks like the early rumor for the TLC PPV in December is Big Show vs. Triple H to supposedly help drive up buys for that show.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer