WINNER ANNOUNCED! – Match Of The Month: September

SEPTEMBER WINNER Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton - NoC



The biggest match on paper turned out to be the biggest match of the month when Daniel Bryan faced Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions! Check out the video of the full match below and stay tuned for October’s Match Of The Month poll to go live on Monday!



If you missed the post from the other day, the masses have spoken and we are now moving to a “Match Of The Month” format instead of having a poll every week. That also means that you get to nominate ANY match from the month of October but only the top 4 matches will make it to the “Match Of The Month: October” poll. Reader comments and “up votes” will decide what are the highest rated matches that will be entered into the October poll. So when you nominate a match, make your voice heard & tell everyone why that particular match should be considered one of the best of the month!

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