Teen Titans Annual #2 Spoilers: Forever Evil Fallout, Betrayal, Justice League R.I.P., Superboy & More (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

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Teen Titans Annual #2 hit stands this week and it takes place in the future as a result of the Teen Titans being soundly, and quickly, defeated by Johnny Quick of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate in Forever Evil #2.

Spoilers for Teen Titans Annual #2 follow.

It seems that in the future, Jon Kent, the son of a future Lois Lane and future Superman has killed the core Justice League members including Batman, Aquaman and others while Superman remains MIA.

That leaves Beast Man – today’s Beast Boy who has turned his “traditional” green from his current New 52 red/brown colors – to pick up the pieces. He explains to Tim Drake, Red Robin of the Teen Titans, what’s happened in the future. Superboy learns of it as well as the Son of Superman, Jon Kent, gives him his memories vis-a-vis his incredible mind powers.

Much like the Batman hologram the Teen Titans encountered at the beginning of the adventure, Wonder Girl discovers a omninous hologram message from a future Red Robin.

What betrayal is future Tim Drake referring to? I had thought it Beast Boy’s betrayal, based on what you see in the spoilers below. That didn’t seem to make sense based on the last panel below, however is that really Beast Boy/Man? Afterall, the Red Robin hologram above notes that Garfield was dead (that would be Garfield Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy/Man). If that green fella isn’t Beast Man, who is he? Or was that “Garfield” reference above a typo? Hmmm.

If you’re interested in where the real Superboy disappeared to, check out our Action Comics Annual #2 Spoilers. He’s an integral character as Krypton Returns kicks off.

Also, if you are curious who Jon Kent is, check out the below recap from Superboy #19, the WTF Certified issue. It was revealed then that Superboy Kon-el was cloned from a future Superman, Lois Lane and their son… Jon Kent!

With that last panel, does that mean we have two Jon Kents, after the events of Teen Titans Annual #2, in the modern day DC New 52 Universe?

I love time travel stories and I love doppelgängers. They are fantastic hallmarks of sci-fi and comics. While I find myself intrigued by what is coming up, my head is spinning a bit.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. :)

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