Action Comics Annual #2 Spoilers: Superman, Supergirl & Superboy Have H’el To Pay In Krypton Returns? (DC Comics New 52 In Review)

Teen Titans Annual #2 saw Superboy disappear turning up in Action Comics Annual #2. The Teen Titans Annual #2 took place in the future and teased a huge betrayal in the post Forever Evil #2 Teen Titans beat-down. Conversely, Action Comics Annual #2 deals with a threat from the past. Interesting chaos in the DC Comics New 52’s timestream.

Krypton Returns begins in Action Comics Annual #2 with Part 1.

Spoilers follow.

The issue opens with Superman, Supergirl and Superboy learning why they have been pulled from their separate adventures together into one spot in the vacuum of space.

There is a temporal tsunami tearing at the fabric of the multiverse. Although, it looks like DC Comics New 52 is using the term omniverse as well. Superman, Superboy and Supergirl are transported to “a” Krypton to begin our tale.

The Oracle, who showed up at the end of Supergirl #24 which had some interesting spoilers, takes over Superboy’s body to explain what H’el has been up to since the shocking ending of the H’el on Earth mini-event. However, before revealing what readers want to know – being stopped mid-tease after the last panel below – Supergirl snaps Superboy “out of it” as she can see Oracle’s possession is doing harm to the Clone-Boy Wonder, literally burning him out. Regardless the reality bending antics of H’el are revealed!

With each action in the past to revive Krypton creating another new reality is created at the hands of H’el, does DC’s “omniverse” refer to the New 52’s infinite realities while “multiverse” refers to DC’s finite 52 parallel worlds in the same reality? (Head spinning…)

The Krypton Returns mission is revealed for Superman, Supergirl and Superboy. It is also interesting that Faora from the Man of Steel movie makes her DC Comics New 52 in a very-much spared modern day Krypton reality. However, Faora too wants H’el’s actions to be reversed because this surviving Krypton, while not exploded, is enslaved and its people are demoralized. H’el has killed a few different realities’ Jor’el’s, as seen among other interesting spoilers in H’el’s Villains Month one-shot.

However, H’el finds out what the Super Family Trio is up to and is ready to battle them in three different eras of the pre-exploded original Krypton. That seems to jive with what was teased many months ago in spoilers for Superman #0, Supergirl #0 and Superboy #0.

With all that said, I will have to end this piece the same way I ended my Teen Titans Annual #2 piece. Both books deal with the timestream and a “double” as villainous foil:

    “I love time travel stories and I love doppelgängers. They are fantastic hallmarks of sci-fi and comics. While I find myself intrigued by what is coming up, my head is spinning a bit.”

Check out who the interlocking covers for the four parts of Krypton Returns fit.

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