Bellator 106 (Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler 2) – Main Card Results, Play By Play

Hello fight fans … and welcome to the Inside Fights live coverage of Bellator 106. What was supposed to be a PPV card headlined by Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson has instead become perhaps the best card to ever air on Spike TV. We’ll be here for the main card, covering every punch from the first to the last. We’ll be live at 8pm CST, so keep this bookmarked and follow along.

Main Card: Spike TV

Bellator Featherweight Feature Fight: Mike Richman (145.5) vs. Akop Stepanyan (145.9)

Round 1: Not much action to start; Akop with a nice spinning elbow early that doesn’t quite land. Richman is winning the position game but he’s eating a bunch of punishment to do so. Spinning back kick misses from Akop; he’s setting the tone that he’s looking to counter and throw crazy stuff early and often. Nice exchange around the two minute mark. Richman is trying to work a boxing game and Akop is frustrating him with his counter game. Richman with a nice combination that momentarily staggers him. Akop with a big shot and he’s pouncing, can’t land anything to follow. Richman with a huge left and Akop is down. Richman with an axe handle ddouble hammer first to follow. Herb Dean steps in and it’s all over.

Mike Richman wins via TKO (strikes) at 4:05 of the first round

Bellator Fight Master Final: Mike Bronzoulis (171) vs. Joe Riggs (170.7)

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing leg kicks. Bronzoulis wants to stay away and Riggs is looking to set up something so he can get inside. MB is really working the front leg of Riggs; Riggs’s hands have made MB a little leery of exchanging. Riggs lands a nice combination and stuns MB for a moment, throwing a lot of hands but not hitting much of note. Riggs catches a kick and gets a trip takedown, landing in an open guard. Riggs lands some nice ground and pound and grabs back, sinks both hooks in looking for the RNC. MB playing hand games and trying to ride it out, scramble and Riggs working out of a sprawl from MB. Big shots and the round ends. 10-9 Riggs

Round 2: MB rushes Riggs and Riggs grabs a body lock and gets a takedown. Lands in side control as MB is looking to wall walk his way back up. MB back to the clinch and they play the cage dancing game for a while. MB separates and we’re back to the middle. Body lock from MB doesn’t go anywhere and we’re back to the middle again. Wild exchange and Riggs gets the trip takedown again. Moves to side control and scramble from MB lets Riggs grabs back again. MB scrambles his way back up but Riggs drags him straight back to the mat again. Riggs is high and winds up on his back in half guard. Rigggs rolls for an armbar, then a triangle, as the round ends. 10-9 Riggs, 20-18 Riggs

Round 3: Riggs is coming out looking to either get the takedown or finish him with strikes. He gets a double leg and lands in half guard. Scramble from MB and Riggs grabs back, gets the hooks in looking for a RNC. MB is trying to shuck him off but can’t; Riggs is on him and working for that choke. MB is playing hand games again but can’t completely get Riggs off of him. With a minute left MB stands up and Riggs loses the hooks. Mat return and MB takes top with 20 seconds left. Riggs back up and he stays away to end the round. 10-9 Riggs, 30-27 Riggs

Official decision: Joe Riggs wins via unanimous decision (30-27×3)

Bellator Featherweight World Title Fight: Daniel Straus (144.2) vs. Pat Curran (144.8)

Round 1: Curran is looking to keep Straus on the outside early. Straus dives in early and gets the takedown, doesn’t do much with it and is back up quickly. Strauss is throwing first as Curran is looking for the counter. Neither guy is throwing much, though and Straus gets hit in the nuts at 2:18. Straus drives Curran back against the cage and is looking to grind him there for a while. Curran is looking to get away and Straus lets him. Straus’s striking looks really good so far; much crisper than it has been in the past. He gets the takedown with 90 seconds left in the round. Curran back up to his feet and Straus is on his back, looking for a mat return. He gives up and Curran goes back against the cage. Curran gets away and is starting to put the pressure on as the round ends. Straus 10-9

Round 2: Curran is more active this round as he’s not waiting around as much. He’s fighting with more urgency irght now. Nice pair of knees lands from Curran. Straus is more tentative right now; Curran is turning up the voltage and he’s not liking it as much. Curran slips but is back up quick. Curran is starting to throw more combinations now; Straus is throwing one but meeting 2-3 from Curran. Curran is really starting to turn it on now; Straus is landing some decent shots but Curran’s volume is winning him the fight. Curran 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Curran with a nice leg kick and punch combo early; this is typically where Curran starts to really turn it on and where Straus fades. Straus lands some nice shots and goes in for a single but can’t finish. Curran uses the cage to brace himself in defense. He lets go of the leg and goes to the clinch against the cage. Straus is working for a takedown but can’t quite finish it. Beautiful throw and Curran defends with a whizzer, can’t finish. Straus has a knee on the ground and Curran lays him out with a knee. Straus has time to recover. Wouldn’t be shocked if Curran lost a point here for it as Straus looks out of it.

Doctor has cleared him, one point deducted and Straus bulldozes Curran for the takedown. Straus into side control and Curran manages to work his way into full guard. Straus isn’t doing much on top as he grinds the round out. 9-9 Curran, 28-28

Round 4: Curran comes out like he knows he’s down right now. Straus gets Curran against the cage and he’s looking for the grind right now. Grabs a double and gets the takedown, Curran back up and he gets air on the mat return. Curran back up after a while and Straus is glued to him. Straus with another mat return and Curran is looking for a guillotine. Has full guard with 90 seconds but Straus is out. Straus grind him out on top for the rest of the round. Curran’s bleeding as the round ends. 10-9 Straus, 38-37 Straus

Round 5: Not much action as Curran is looking for a big shot and Straus is being very defensive. Straus with a flying knee, then a jump knee, as he’s looking very confident right now. Straus with some big shots and Curran is wobbly. Straus pins him against the cage and he’s grinding this round out. Curran revereses position and is looking for a takedown of his own. Straus goes for the hip toss and can’t finish it.
Curran goes for a trip and can’t finish it. He needs to sell out and get wild right now. Curran goes for the takedown and can’t finish, wild scramble and Straus winds up on top. Round ends this way. 10-10, 48-47 Straus

Official decision: Straus wins via decision (49-45, 48-46×2)

Bellator Interim Light Heavyweight World Title Fight: King Mo (204.1) vs. Emanuel Newton (203.4)

Round 1: Newton looks SHREDDED going into this fight. Mo goes for a takedown early and Newton defends it well. Second stab at the leg and he gets it. Newton is playing wrist control, though, and is defending well. Newton back to his feet and Mo is tight to him. Mo returns him to the mat and Newton is back to his feet. Mo isn’t landing much until Newton gets back to his feet. Mo lets him up and promptly gets kicked in the nuts. Spinning back fist from Newton and Mo with a power double. Newton is on his back, working out of an open guard. Mo is looking to posture up and Newton to shrimp up and get to his feet. Newton back up and we’re standing. Mo’s keeping his distance as Newton is being aggressive. He knows the round is lost and is just trying to land something. Mo with some clowning at the end of the round. 10-9 Lawal

Round 2: Newton comes out more aggressive this round. He’s looking to set something up to land on Mo’s chin. Mo is using more crisp boxing now. He’s coming in, hands high, and not leaving any room for something to get through. Mo goes for the single and Newton defends it well. He gets Newton against the cage and he’s looking to grab a single off it. Mo with the takedown and Newton with open guard. He’s looking to shrimp his way back up and he does. Head kick from Newton lands and MO IS HURT. Newton with some big shots as he’s pouncing. Mo circles back to the center and he still looks a bit wobbly. Mo is staying away and looks like he’s recovered. Another nice head kick and Mo’s keeping his hands down now. Newton is starting to land a lot more now. Newton’s improbability is something he’s worrying about now; he’s throwing things in such crazy combinations that it’s a little odd. 10-9 Newton, 19-19

Mo looked like he gassed a little bit towards the end of round 2. I’m curious how much he last at this point. He’s been a full five rounder in the past but he gassed early there, too, and Newton looks like he’s fully gassed up.

Round 3: Newton comes out way more aggressive this round. He’s starting to press the pace more and use his kicks more. Mo is plodding more now, usually a sign he’s gassed. Newton is working the body now much more significantly. He’s trying to land something spinning but he’s telegraphing it way too much. He’s getting a lot of success with his right hand. Mo is waiting for moments to explode. He’s not doing much but he’s putting it all into spurts. Newton is starting to throw a lot of leg kicks to the legs now, too. Mo has abandoned the takedown to a significant degree, not having gone for a takedown three minutes in. My guess is he’s conserving his energy, having emptied a lot of his gas tank keeping Newton down. Newton isn’t helping Lawal by hitting him in the body. Mo is trying to get close but isn’t doing anything but get hit when he does so. With a minute left he goes for a takedown. Newton grabs a guillotine to finish and he’s using it to keep standing. Mo abandons it and we’re back to the middle. Newton’s significantly busier and looks like he has plenty left. 10-9 Newton, 29-28 Newton

Round 4: Newton starts this round like the last: he’s outlanding Mo and keeping him at distance. Lawal has abandoned the wrestling game and looks noticeably gassed. He’s putting his output into spurts, looking for one big shot. Newton is throwing a lot and at funky angles; Mo gets him against the cage but doesn’t do anything with it. He’s not going to win this fight that way. Mo with a desperate single that gets stuffed, followed by a double that doesn’t. Another double gets the job done but Newton is right back up. Newton is telegraphing tons of stuff and Mo is kind of iffy getting out of the way. Mo’s hands are down and he’s almost eaten a couple of kicks. Mo is coming forward a lot but he isn’t doing anything while doing so. 10-9 Newton, 39-37 Newton

Round 5: Newton is the aggressor to start, throwing a lot of body kicks. Mo regains the cage center but isn’t doing anything. Newton is throwing a lot more as Mo is looking to counter. Mo ducks a spinning back kick and goes for a takedown but doesn’t have enough to bring him down. Newton defends well and Mo abandons the wrestling. Lots of single punches and strikes as both guys look gassed. Newton is ceding ground but landing more than Mo. Mo goes for a pair of single legs and finally gets in with 30 seconds left. Newton is going for a switch and stands up with 15 seconds left. Mo is on him tight and runs away when Newton goes for another spinning back fist. Newton nearly gets a takedown of his own and the fight ends. 10-9 Newton, 49-46 Newton

Official decision: Newton wins via unanimous decision 49-46×3

Bellator Lightweight World Title Fight: Michael Chandler (154.8) vs. Eddie Alvarez (154.5)

Round 1: Both guys come out fast with no feeling out. Chandler is super aggressive right now as Alvarez’s footwork looks really good right now. Not a lot of combinations, though, as both are looking to establish a jab early. Alvarez with the early takedown attempt that goes nowhere. Chandler is throwing more kicks than usual; he doesn’t have as established a kicking game. Alvarez in deep on a single and Chandler fights it off. Alvarez looks really good so far. Chandler is looking throw big as Alvarez is looking to set up combinations. He’s starting to use more combinations now instead of the one big shot. Big uppercut from Chandler leaves Alvarez looking for a single that he can’t finish. Alvarez is looking to counter and then shoot singles; Chandler isn’t landing a lot but he’s pushing the pace hard. Chandler catches Alvarez and gets the takedown and takes back, grabs the RNC and nearly finishes it. Alvarez manages to get out and we’re back to our feet. Chandler slips as the round ends. 10-9 Chandler

Round 2: Alvarez comes out dashing and darting in some more. Chandler is countering with good head movement. Neither guy is throwing in combination but we’re looking at solid one punch/kick from each. Alvarez is looking to move and Chandler is doing a good job keeping him cornered. Alvarez is landing nice lefts regularly; Chandler’s face looks it. Chandler in deep but can’t finish the takedown. Chandler grabs the double and slams him. Alvarez up and slamming mat return from Chandler. Alvarez up again and Chandler is up with him, slamming mat return. Alvarez up one more time and Chandler pins him against the cage with a double. Chandler working against the cage with this one and not much going on. Alvarez back to his feet and Chandler pinning him against the cage. Fifty seconds and Alvarez circles out. Nice combination from Alvarez and Chandler is on the double one more time. He finishes it and Alvarez is in open guard. Not much action to finish the round. 10-9 Chandler, 20-18 Chandler

Round 3: Both guys come out swinging wildly. Chandler is trying hard for that double and Alvarez with a nice sprawl. Chandler has slowed don in round 3. Alvarez is looking to hit that eye bruise and circle that way. Chandler is coming much more wildly than before. Alvarez is starting to work the body more as Chandler’s face is pretty badly beaten up. Alvarez is starting to jab heavy and work the left side of Chandler. Alvarez gets back control and Chandler is tired. Alvarez is starting to take over and gets the takedown. Spinning back fist from Alvarez and Chandler comes back with a takedown. Takes back and has a hook in; can’t sink in a RNC and he’s trying to grind so far. He powers Alvarez onto his back and gets top with 20 seconds left. Not much action as the round ends. 10-9 Alvarez, 29-28 Chandler

Round 4: Crowd is starting to get behind Alvarez right now. He looks fresher as Chandler comes out with more urgency. That eye could warrant a stoppage if it gets worse. Chandler is looking to counter now; Alvarez looks really good right now. Flying knee from Chandler connects and Alvarez walks through it. Takedown from Chandler is stopped with a sprawl, reversal and Chandler winds up on top. He’s in full guard and playing hand control. Alvarez is bleeding hard right now. Chandler is starting to open up right now as Alvarez is looking for the stand up first instead of trying to get up. Chandler is really lighting him up with the ground and pound. His face has become a mess right now as Chandler has found another gear right now. Chandler looks for a head arm triangle and can’t finish it. Eddie starts rolling for an armbar from bottom but Chandler isn’t doing much from top. 10-9 Chandler, 39-37 Chandler

Round 5: Alvarez comes out much more aggressive, probably knowing he’s down a round. Chandler hits a nice flying knee as he’s looking for a fight sealing takedown. Chandler with a sloppy takedown and grabs back, rear naked choke turns into a neck crank that he can’t finish. Alvarez scramble and grabs back, Chandler up and Alvarez is kneeing the hamstring. Chandler with a suicide roll that can’t go but he’s back up. These guys are going hard right no. This coul dbe anyone’s fight and Chandler with a single that can’t be complete. Chandler goes for the takedown against the cage and goes grounded before Alvarez can throw a knee. Eddie lights him up with strikes and another roll doesn’t work. Alvarez grabs back and has the hooks. He’s going for the RNC and can’t finish. Chandler rolls out and Alvarez is going for it. Scramble and Alvarez still on his back. Alvarez is doing everything he can to go for the finish. He’s in a bad spot as Alvarez is lighting him up right now. Chandler winds up on top and Alvarez back to his feet. Chandler with the mat return as Alvarez looks for a deep switch. 10-9 Alvarez, 48-47 Chandler.

I can see it going either way right now.

Official decision – Eddie Alvarez wins via split decision (48-47 Chandler, 48-47 Alvarez, 48-47 Alvarez)

Post Main Card Fight

Welterweight Feature Fight: Jesse Juarez (170) vs. Joe Williams (170.6)


Welterweight Feature Fight: Alejandro Garcia (170) vs. Cristiano Souza (171) – Souza wins via submission at 3:06 of round 3

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Hector Ramirez (203.8) vs. Brandon Halsey (205) – Halsey wins TKO at :52 of the first round

Lightweight Feature Fight: Aaron Miller (155) vs. Mike Guymon (155.8) – Mike Guymon def. Aaron Miller via submission (triangle) (2nd, 4:20)

Featherweight Feature Fight: Cleber Luciano (149*) vs. Joe Camacho (150*) – Cleber Luciano wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X 3)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Josh Smith (155.5) vs. Darren Smith (155) – Josh Smith def. Darren Smith via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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