CW Arrow Confirms Superhero Identity Of Actress Caity Lotz’s Secret Identity. Will She Be Called The Black Canary? (Season 2 Spoilers)

Spoilers for CW Arrow Season 2 follow.

Following the loose tongued CW executive that revealed the identity of actress Caity Lotz’s character in Season 2 of CW Arrow and last week’s episode Crucible which confirmed who she is underneath the mask and a bit of her past, comes word of her heroine’s nom de guerre.

We know that Caity Lotz is playing Sarah Lance, the sister of Laurel Lance, who seemingly died when the Queen’s Gambit ship sank before Oliver Queen was trapped on the mysterious island.

In solicits for episodes by CW for Arrow, the character is called The Canary as opposed to her comic book identity of Black Canary. This is consistent with actor Stephen Amell’s heroic name being The Arrow and not Green Arrow in Season 2 after being The Hood In Season 1.

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