WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 11/4/13: How Will Big Show Get In The Building Tonight?

After the apparent “reset” last Monday, the WWE continues it again this week. How will Big Show somehow manage to get into the building tonight? Will Bray Wyatt continue his path of destruction? Will John Cena or HHH start RAW with a promo? Follow along to find out!

Wait A Minute, This Isn’t John Cena Or Triple H???

Yes, we are actually starting with a match between CM Punk and Luke Harper. Harper caught Punk right away with a right hand. He then worked Punk over in the corner. Punk tried fighting back but Harper caught him with a punch to the back of the head. Punk caught himself on the ropes and tossed a charging Harper over the top. Punk went for a dive through the ropes but Harper caught him with a right forearm. Harper did an alligator role than went into a full headlock. Harper tossed Punk into the corner but Punk moved and Harper went over the top rope. Punk then hit a dive to the outside.

Harper regained control back from break and had a headlock applied. Harper landed a couple elbows to the head of Punk. Punk fought out of another head lock with a kick to the head followed by an elbow and a spinning DDT. Both men got back to their feet and Punk started his comeback with a couple of kicks and a spinning neckbreaker. Punk connected with a running high knee then a clothesline. He went up top for the Macho Man Elbow but instead jumped off the top and hit an axe handle on Rowan. Back in the ring Harper hit Punk with a boot and went for his clothesline finisher, but Punk rolled up Harper and picked up the win.

After the match, the Wyatts attacked Punk. Before Bray could take out Punk, Daniel Bryan made the save with a chair in hand. Bray eventually got to him, but Punk grabbed the chair and cleared the ring.

They replayed part of HHH’s WWE.com interview where he banned Big Show for life.

CM Punk was interviewed, he said he’s used to being out numbered. But he’s glad to see someone else having a problem with the Wyatts.

Paul Heyman was interviewed via phone. He said he has multiple injuries, including spinal trauma, facial bruising and a bruised kidney. He questioned how he could do that to a non-wrestler and father of two, and that he deserves an apology. Cole asked if Heyman was crying, and he hung up.

Ryback vs Great Khali. Yes, this is actually happening. Khali hit some chops on Ryback. Ryback backed Khali into the corner and hit some clotheslines, but Khali caught him with a boot then a right hand. Ryback ducked a chop and hit a Meathook Clothesline for the win. After the match Ryback threw Santino into the barricade.

I Feel Like Kofi’s Fought Everyone A Million Times

Alberto del Rio vs Kofi Kingston. Del Rio went right after Kofi with some kicks but Kofi then caught Del Rio with an elbow. Kofi then hit a diving Swanton to the outside, which missed by a couple of inches. Back in the ring, Del Rio blocked Kofi’s corner kick and instead hit a body stomp. Del Rio went to the top and hit an axe handle. Del Rio landed a couple punches then an enziguri kick to the head for two. Del Rio hit a German Suplex and then a kick to the arm. Kofi countered a headlock with a roll up for two. But Del Rio came right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kofi ducked an enziguri kick and hit a dive onto Kofi for two.

Kofi hit a hurricarrana on Del Rio who then flew almost half way to the turnbuckle. Anothe bad spot. Kofi hit a flying crossbody but Del Rio then caught him with a kick to the gut. Kofi tried going for the SOS, but Del Rio countered into the cross armbreaker. Kofi tapped.

A video package aired from Big Show’s lawyer explaining why he is suing the WWE.

When Did Randy Orton Becom Rick Rude?

Before his opponent was revealed, Randy Orton cut a promo saying how all of our wifes, sisters, and girlfriends were fantasizing about him and how all the guys wanted to be him. Eventually, Orton’s opponent was revealed as Big E.

The match started with a Big E shoulder tackle which caused Orton to regroup. Big E landed a couple of right hands to the gut which again caused Orton to go to the outside. After a brief staredown Orton caught Big E with a dropkick. Orton went for the middle rope DDT but Big E countered and tossed Orton to the outside into commercial.

Big E had control back from break. He slammed Orton’s head into the steps. Orton side stepped Big E and tossed him into the ringpost. Orton threw Big E into the ring but he recovered quickly and went to charge at Orton, but Orton moved and Big E landed on the outside. Orton landed a couple stomps back in the ring then went to a headlock. Big E escaped by backing Orton into the corner then hit a shoulder to the gut. Big E landed a couple of clotheslines then a belly-to-belly and splash for two. Orton regained control by tossing Big E into the ringpost, then hitting the middle rope DDT. Orton went for the RKO but Big E countered it and hit a clothesline. Big E went for the Big Ending, but Orton escaped and hit the RKO for the win.

More Big Show stuff is shown. If this guy is banned for life, shouldn’t the WWE focus more time on their current stars then a guy who is banned???

Fandango and Summer Rae vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Kidd took out Fandango with a couple quick dropkicks and quickly tagged in Summer Rae. She slapped Natalya then slammed her face into the mat. Natalya and Summer Rae double clotheslined and the men were tagged in. Tyson Kidd hit some more dropkicks then a kick to the head of Fandango on the outside. Summer Rae distracted Tyson Kidd so Fandango pulled the ring apron out from under him. Fandango missed the top rope leg drop and Kidd applied the Sharpshooter for the win.

Why Watch Smackdown When You Can See It On RAW!

John Cena came out for the six man tag. Before the match John Cena cut the typical LOOK AT US WE SUPPORT BREAST CANCER RESEARCH promo. Sandow and Cena started the tag.

Cena started with a running bulldog then tagged in Rhodes. Cody rolled up Sandow for two then immediately ate a Sandow clothesline. Swagger came in but Cody tagged Goldust who hit a dropkick. Goldust landed a kick to the head and elbow then tagged in Cody. Cesaro came in for Swagger, but Cody backed him into the corner then tagged in Cena. Cesaro and Cena went for a test of strength but Cesaro kicked Cena in the gut. Cena blocked a charging Cesaro with his own kick to the gut then hit a suplex. Goldust came in and they hit a double suplex on Cesaro. Goldust hit some elbows then tagged in Cody, who hit a face first suplex. Cesaro blocked another and caught Cody with an uppercut. Cesaro tagged in Sandow. Cody backed Sandow into the corner then hit a backdrop. Cena came in and went for an AA, but Sandow bailed to the outside into commercial.

Back from break Cesaro tossed Cena into the air and hit an uppercut. Swagger was tagged in and hit the Swagger Bomb for two. Sandow came in and landed some punches but Cena quickly hit a neckbreaker. Swagger came in and stopped Cena from making a tag. Swagger applied a headlock with Cena powered out of, but Swagger went for the Patriot Lock. Cena escaped but Swagger tagged in Cesaro who clotheslined Cena. Cesaro hit a couple of uppercuts, but Cena moved out of the way of one and hit a hurricarrana. Cesaro tagged in Sandow as he prevented Cena from tagging out. Sandow worked over the arm of Cena. Sandow hit a clothesline, but he missed a second one and hit a Razor’s Edge powerbomb. Cena tagged Goldust who went to work on Cesaro. He landed some corner punches then a moonsault. Sandow broke up the pin, but then ate a dropkick from Cody. Swagger took out Cody, but Cena hit the AA on him. Sandow took Cena out then Cody and Swagger brawled on the outside. Cesaro did the Giant Swing to Goldust, about 20 times. Goldust went to the outside. Cena tried stopping him. Cesaro charged at him but went right into Zeb. Back in the ring Goldust hit a bulldog on Cesaro. Cody then hit a moonsault and then Cena hit a crossbody. Goldust then hit the Final Cut for the win.

Backstage, Big Show was shown arriving. Stephanie then told HHH in his office that she let him in because the Board of Directors is taking the lawsuit very seriously and they don’t want to lose any money. HHH then asked Vickie Guerrero to get Big Show and bring him to his office.

Back To Jobbing Out The IC Champ! (Did It Ever End?)

Curtis Axel vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler hit a shoulder tackle then connected on a dropkick. Axel regained the upperhand with a dropkick of his own then hit another. Axel then went to a chinlock. Dolph fought out with a jawbreaker, then side-stepped Axel in the corner which caused Axel to go into the post. Ziggler hit some corner punches then a neckbreaker for two. Dolph missed a Fameasser and Axel caught him with a punch to the back of the head. Dolph countered a powerbomb and landed a fameasser for two. Axel blocked one ZigZag attempt, but Ziggler connected on a second one and picked up the win.

The Usos made quick work of 3MB.

The Bellas and Eva Marie defeated AJ, Tamina and Aksana after Eva Marie rolled up Tamina.

Seriously, Who Timed This Show?

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. They called the Big Show out. They asked him what he wants. HHH asked how many zeros he needs to write on the check to bail him out. Show said it isn’t about money, it is about being the best at something. Show said he just wants his job back. HHH mocked him but Steph stopped him. Steph told Big Show he got his job back. Big Show then said he deserves a bonus. Then he said he should be the face of the WWE. Triple H and Steph talked then The Shield’s music hit as they came to the ring, then went to commercial.

Back from break, Big Show immediately demanded a WWE Title match with Randy Orton. Triple H told him to leave before he leaves him in a puddle of his own blood. Big Show asked if he was sure, and HHH said yes. Show mockingly left and said in the morning his attorney would complete the task of owning all of them. HHH stopped him and said he had his match at Survivor Series. Big Show asked HHH to repeat it multiple times, finally in one clear voice. HHH then made a handicap match with The Shield and Orton vs Big Show.

The heels quickly gained the upper hand after Reigns speared Show. Show fought back and took out all of The Shield. Before Show could get his hands on Orton, Kane came out in a suit and tie and distracted Big Show. Orton hit the RKO as Kane tossed some chairs in the ring. The Shield and Orton used the chairs on Show. Reigns then used the steps on Show and then The Shield triple power bombed Big Show through the announce table.


Six Man Tag: It seems like all the WWE does is put on good six man tags. They always find the right combination of people and they gel in the ring. This was another good job by all parties involved. Cesaro needs a breakout singles run soon.

Punk and Bryan vs The Wyatts: I liked RAW opening with this. It was much different than the normal HHH and/or John Cena opening. The Punk/Harper match was okay. I’m assuming a third party ends up with Punk and Bryan, but who I don’t know.

Kane In A Suit: The visual of Corporate Kane in a suit and tie was just hilarious. It gets a hit for that.


Constant Video Recaps: Tonight was the perfect example of why RAW should not be three hours. I’m pretty sure about 30 minutes of it was just Big Show video recaps. A lot of RAW felt like filler tonight.

Main Event Segment: Where do we start? Big Show in the main event? As funny as the visual was, Kane in a corporate suit? Terrible acting by Triple H and Stephanie? All of this makes me feel like I’m watching a 2005 version of RAW all over again. Remember when we thought new stars would be made from this angle? This could backfire in the WWE’s face.

No Mid-Card Clarity: Everything tonight was about Big Show. The WWE didn’t put any thought into the mid-card of the show. Hell, even the Punk/Bryan/Wyatt story only got the first 20 minutes then two short interviews. While the WWE focuses on the Big Show story, the rest of the card struggles.

Show Timing: There were late commercials. Commercials in bad spots. The show just seemed all over the place.

I didn’t like RAW tonight. Too much filler, too much focus on Big Show and not enough focus on anything other than the main event storyline on this show. That adds up to a bad episode of RAW. It gets no higher than a 3 from me.

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