10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 11.4.13 (CM Punk, Randy Orton, Kane, The Authority, The Big Show)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

1. Wait, Raw is starting with a wrestling match?! I LOVE it! I also liked the idea that the match featured a storyline that held so many unanswered questions from last week. Putting Luke Harper into the match was the right move also. I truly think that Harper has all the skills & unlikely talent for the big man to be the next “Kane” (he’s only 33, by the way). And Punk wins with a WRESTLING move after a strong showing from the brawler, Luke Harper. Harper doesn’t lose anything because he was pinned with a technical wrestling move, Punk picked up the win and the fans got the first taste of Daniel Bryan & CM Punk on the same team. Yea, it’s sad that we’re stuck with Big Show and Randy Orton in the WWE Championship picture but the Bryan/Punk team is a nice consolation prize.

2. As long as that WWE App vote was legit, Big E Langston is getting over much quicker as a babyface than I would have expected. And good for him! He always impressed me on NXT as a strong, top babyface and finally he’s getting to show some of that talent on the main stage. That was a VERY good match for a guy who’s only been on the main roster for about a year and a man who many people believe “holds down” men he doesn’t believe are at his level. Langston was made to look like a million bucks thanks to Randy Orton & that’s something that’s desperately needed since the WWE is hurting for intimidating babyfaces. I’m sure we’ll see the eventual feud between Ryback & Langston but it sure looks like Big E has a much brighter future.

3. Tyson Kidd is on Raw! Awesome! I don’t even care that this push is going to be tied into his marriage to Natalya and the return of Total Divas, Kidd has earned a shot to get over as a single’s star & I hope he’s able to take advantage of it.

4. It’s the “Swiss Superman” versus “Super-Cena”! Is it too much to hope for Cena to take a Cesaro Swing?

5. I know there have to be millions of kids that are a part of the WWE Universe that are absolutely engrossed in the legal drama between The Authority and The Big Show.

6. Curtis Axel loves to shout “I’ve arrived!” but it looks like he forgot his heat. He REALLY doesn’t have the best timing. Gets injured right before a title match at a pay-per-view and by the time he’s cleared, Paul Heyman’s been written off TV. Axel was living on borrowed time as IC champion before Heyman left but now if feels like there could be a title swap at any moment.

8. Who, in their right mind, thought it was a fantastic idea to have a midget in a bull costume swivel his hips and call him “horny”?

9. So with the Big Show/Authority segment closing the show, does that mean The Bellas & Eva Marie vs AJ, Tamina and Aksana were in the main event of Monday Night Raw? Wow.

10. That was pretty much what I expected when we saw that the WWE Championship picture was shifting to The Big Show versus Randy Orton & The Authority. There’s no reason why The Big Show should be in a WWE Championship program with someone like Randy Orton. If Show was the champion and was facing a younger challenger that needed to be “made” in a feud with a veteran, that would work just fine. But what does the WWE or its fans gain out of two veterans (one far past his prime) feuding over what is supposed to be the most prestigious trophy in their entire profession? They’ve completely hit the panic button and are setting up the safest WWE Championship program that doesn’t involve John Cena. I did like the appearance of the “new” Kane. We’ve always praised The Undertaker for being able to change his character just enough to remain relevant but Kane much of the same thing. He never completely broke character & went from Satan to a biker but this new look is pretty close. It’s been 15 years since Kane debut and this is the first time we’ve EVER seen him on WWE TV in a suit and looking completely like a normal human being. It might be sad that was the most intriguing part of the whole segment to me but at this point, I’ll take a silver lining wherever I can get one.

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