CB’s Slant: Corporate Kane Debuts on WWE Monday Night Raw 11/4/13

In case you missed it, Corporate Kane made his WWE Raw debut last night, helping Randy Orton, The Shield and the McMahons get the best of the Big Show in a group attack:

CB’s Slant: I don’t know about you, but to me this just doesn’t seem like the right way to go, or at the very least I am not yet sold on Kane’s corporate makeover.

Now, if this is done right and with a little nuance, this could really wind up turning out OK. The way I would do it is have Michael Cole and the rest of the announce team hammer home the idea that this version of Kane is still a monster and that he really is the baddest wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kane should then work really hard on honing in on his new character’s persona, which should resemble one of those bad-ass #1 goons from those Die Hard movies, you know, the Alexander Godunov to the McMahons’ Alan Rickman. The kind who will destroy you while looking good doing so (until Bruce Willis comes in, of course).

What I hope WWE doesn’t do is rush the writing of this story and have any of Kane’s actions make no sense whatsoever other than that it gave him something to do when he came back.

After all, with the Big Show-McMahons saga now being stretched out through the TLC PPV, we could use a breath of fresh air from Kane, otherwise we might all suffocate from the malaise that has set in.

That’s all from me — CB.

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