Escape Plan Movie Review – Just Seen It

Ray is expert on designing escape-proof prisons. But he is framed and jailed in one of his own. So he teams up with a fellow inmate to find a way out. Starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom. Written by Miles Chapman and Jason Keller. Produced by Robbie Brenner, Mark Canton, Remington Chase, Randall Emmett and Kevin King-Templeton. Genre: Action Thriller. Sean, Aaron and Leah discuss the new action flick starring the action flick dream team. Starring Sean Wright, Aaron Fink and Leah Aldridge. Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Zach Wiegmann. Sound Design by Aaron Fink and Nick Isaacs. Produced by David Freedman, Cooper Griggs, Aaron Fink, Pedro Raposo, Amy Taylor and Devin Law.