10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 7 Review

1. Vytas Baskauskas is one of the best players to ever play Survivor. If you think that is giving him too much credit, especially because I make the declaration prior to the merge episode… you are wrong. The best Survivor players are the ones who bring something new to the game. I don’t have to tell you that Boston Rob did this everytime he stepped foot onto the island. Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow both defined how to properly use the hidden immunity idol. John Cochran proved that athletic acumen is not a skill that you need to win a game that emphasizes social awareness. Vytas has defined how to deal with a minority situation on Survivor. Instead of complaining about being stuck on the wrong side of the numbers at the merge, he kept his head down and more importantly kept his mouth shut. Whereas 99% of people would start to scramble and make unnecessary deals, Vytas kept his cool and much like a calculated killer, waited for one of the players to make a mistake. What makes this even more impressive is that he managed to do it twice! His first victim was Kat and his second was Laura. It was amazing to see.

2. Regardless of where Aras and Vytas finish, they should be proud that they were both able to get to the merge. They were the most threatening duo coming into the game and both making it to the merge speaks volumes about how they were able to get the others to disregard how physically imposing they are. I genuinely can’t believe they both made it this far.

3. Is Tyson using Gervase as his parachute because he thinks Gervase is gullible, loyal, or a partner that he can trust? Conversely, could it be that Gervase is using Tyson? I am not sure but the pair share a fascinating dynamic. I liken their relationship to Brian/Clay from Survivor Thailand.

4. I have made no secret of the fact that I thought Tina’s win in Australia was overrated and that Colby should won. The debate that I usually get into with fans of that season is that Tina’s greatest move was convincing Colby to take her instead of a sure win against Keith whereas my point is that the jury should have still rewarded the better player. In any event, I no longer question how good Tina is at the game. This season she is on cruise control. Without facing the bitterness of players that wanted to eliminate winners only for the sake of eliminating winners (like Jenna Lewis on All-Stars), Tina has been given a blank slate to work with. Not only has she been able to whiz her way to the merge, but her daughter is also there and nobody seems to be aware of this. While Aras is being victimized for still having his loved one in the game, Tina is almost being rewarded for it.

5. Is there anyway Laura M. doesn’t reenter the game? I don’t think so. She seems to be the most hungry to win.

6. The bell seems to be tolling for Aras. Tyson and Gervase are ready to slit his throat and if Laura does come back into the game, I don’t see how he can survive. In fact, the only way that he might be able to is by sacrificing his brother. We all know Aras won’t do that, so it would be shocking to see him make it past the next episode.

7. Does anybody out there think the Loved Ones will unite when the tribes merge? I didn’t think so. And that’s why they will all be picked off.

8. What I am the most fascinated to see in tonight’s episode is if Tyson will stick with his current tribe that includes himself/Gervase/Ciera/Caleb/Hayden and use Aras as a parachute or if he will reunite the Favorites. Also, it’s interesting that he is not letting his emotions dictate his gameplay. Instead of blaming the loved ones for eliminating his girlfriend, he seems willing to work with them now to advance himself.

9. From an edit perspective, the only potential winners at this point could be Tyson, Vytas, Gervase, Tina or Monica.

10. While Boston Rob will always be my favorite player, another Rob is making a play for the title. I am sure you have heard about Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor by now. Rob Ford is the talk of the world, especially in the wake of his decision to stay in office and not resign after finally admitting that he smoked crack-cocaine. I love Rob Ford and he has done a great job for the city, despite his personal issues. I hope he continues and I certainly will continue to throw my support

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